Ushering Significant Realizations: Workshop on “Gender Equality” at Deepalaya VTC Gole Kuan

Even today, women and girls in our country face many social challenges—be it in moving out of the house or seeking equal treatment as their male siblings. At Deepalaya, emphasis on gender equity has been a priority area for us ever since our inception. A team from Manzil Mystics (a a Delhi-based NGO that works on education, music and development) conducted a workshop at Deepalaya Learning Centre Gole Kuan on 20th November on the theme “gender equality”; it was attended by 25 young boys from Gole Kuan VTC and the Learning Centre.

Workshop on Gender Equality is in progress at Deepalaya Gole Kuan Centre been conducted by Manzil Mystic

After a brief self-introduction session, the students were divided into four teams and asked to write on small chart papers what comes in their minds when they think about male gender. The participants noted and penned down different traits such as strong, confident, earning member, providing security, etc. The same exercise was now repeated with their perception of the female gender. The idea of the entire exercise was to make the students understand that some perceptions about the females have nothing to do with their biological nature but have been rather imposed upon them by the society. The facilitator also asked all the boys to consider giving equal opportunities for the growth and development of girls and women around them.

Ms. Rashmi, Mr. Aman and Mr. Manik from Manzil Mysitcs made the workshop interesting by singing songs and conducting games in between the sessions.  It was felt that conducting one more session will be useful so that the participant boys can have a deeper understanding on gender equality issue.


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