Welcome to Deepalaya

Deepalaya Foundation Inc. is a global movement for children who are not given a chance that they deserve. DFI has a special focus on the girl child, street children and children with disability. During these times of crisis, we are empowering and protecting lives, working with children to help them be resilience and restore their livelihoods. We are fighting for real, lasting change because we want sustainable solutions.

With your support Deepalaya Foundation Inc. will work for the underprivileged, address the problems and provide them with an opportunity to look for long term solutions. We believe that a child's family is major factor for their development. Community organization and awareness is the approach that attempts to build empowerment, capacity building and social transformation.

Our History

Our Goal

Deepalaya Foundation Inc. is deeply committed to one goal, to give all needful the best chance hey deserve for the future – a safe beginning in life, the opportunity to learn and safety from harm.

By coming together we can help a larger part of the society and build an empowered future, where every child can stay safe and enjoy equal rights.

Our Mission & Values

We envision a world where children can pursue quality education that allows them to reach their full potential and contribute to their communities and the world.

Deepalaya Foundation Inc. encourages you to become a part of it and develop essential relationships with the work we propose and fund to the enable activities.

Deepalaya seeks to transform the lives of millions of children living in low-income communities by focusing on literacy and equality of education. Working in collaboration with local communities and partner organizations, we support children so that they may complete their education and in habit learn relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond.

Our Team

CG Daniel - President of Deepalaya Foundation Inc

CG DANIEL President

CG Daniel is the President and Chief Executive of the Deepalaya Foundation Inc. Originally from India, he was a successful entrepreneur before immigrating to the US. He also worked in Oman during the late-1980s. He had business connections in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. Even while holding a full-time job at William P. Hobby Airport, Houston, US, he has been playing a major role in organisations as varied as the largest Indian Pentecostal Church at Houston and the Indo-American Press Club. A well-known writer and amateur photographer with a large following, especially on social media, he is a Cynophile.

John Joseph - Secretary of Deepalaya Foundation Inc


John Joseph is the Secretary of the Deepalaya Foundation Inc. He hails from Ranny, a small town in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala, India. Before immigrating to the US, he earned a name for himself as an actor of extraordinary talent and social commitment. He is today known in Ranny for the community welfare projects that he undertook like building a road with his own money. He has a vigorous social life in Houston as President of the Ranny Association, as an active member of the Houston Malayalee Association and as a member of the Mar Thoma Church, Houston.

Shibin Daniel - Treasurer of Deepalaya Foundation Inc


Shibin Daniel is the Treasurer of the Deepalaya Foundation Inc. He had his initial education in India before moving to the US where he did his engineering from Texas A&M University. His academic career can only be described as brilliant. He served in the Human Resource Department of a large American company where his brief was to identify and recruit staff from colleges and universities. Today he is with a global oil field services and equipment company working as a Product Champion, travelling to several countries in Asia and Europe. He has compered many programmes, both national and international. He has inherited the genes of a philanthropist from his parents.