Women Empowerment

Women from Deepalaya Self Help Groups of West Delhi

Women Empowerment

That’s what Deepalaya believes in! Alleviation of poverty is the core area of concern for our government since Independence. To overcome this horrible situation the best way is to form self help groups of underprivileged people where each of the participants contributes a fixed minimal amount or in fact they can opt for micro funding. It will eventually increase our country’s per capita income, enabling our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to increase, hence, boosting the economy.

Deepalaya SHG members getting trained in microfinance

In 1999 Deepalaya started our Microfinance project in Tavru block, a district in the Mewat region (a Muslim populated area) of Haryana. Women who were barely housewives (trapped in their homes) got an immense opportunity to showcase to their community, society and especially their family itself that they too inhibit special abilities and powers to live on their own. They were initially wearing burka since, their wedding. They hardly had any say in the family matters, forget financial issues. Our team started organizing them into self-help groups initially with the help of Mewat Development agency and later on Dewan foundation. Over a period of a few years, we observed the kind of change that took place in their lives. The husbands, who never consulted them earlier, started respecting their wives and borrowing money too for fulfilling their household needs.

Considering the kind of impact, the project was expanded to Delhi and Uttarakhand. The initiative made women confident enough to operate bank accounts, read and write and also start micro-enterprises.

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Deepalaya Self Help Group members of Mewat, Haryana

Impact of the Initiative:

  • Women have become self-reliant and are now more compassionate.
  • Literacy rate of girl child has increased
  • Reduction in domestic violence cases
  • Respect among the community and society
  • Women started taking action against alcoholism
  • Reduction in female feticide
  • Scope of income generation
  • Women started enrolling their kids in schools
  • Hygiene level in homes improved
  • Fewer incidents of child marriage
  • Knowledge regarding menstruation inculcated
  • Credit linkages were established which helped them in expanding micro-enterprises

A small video on Deepalaya’s Women Empowerment Initiatives:-

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