Support the education of 100 Under-privileged Children in Rural Uttar Pradesh

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What is the concern?

Titron, a remote town in Saharanpur District of Uttar Pradesh, is backward in almost all respects of development. Most of the people are either land-less laborers or have a small piece of land which is used for agricultural activities. The population of Titron of comprises one-third from Muslims, another one-third  are Gujjars, one-fourth belong to scheduled Castes like Harijans and Sweepers, and the rest are from Other Backward Classes (OBC). The children from lower castes and economically backward classes/socioeconomic status are often discriminated against and do not have access to quality education. Deepalaya is trying to bridge this gap with its project at Titron.

What is organisation doing?

In line with the vision of creating an equitable society, Deepalaya runs a learning centre at Titron to educate children from the economically and socially weaker section of the society. The center has been functioning since August 2010 at Ravidas Mandir Complex in Titron and caters to more than 200 students. Over these years, Deepalaya has built a strong presence in the community and is known for quality education and overall development of children. Learning is fun as the teachers use creative methods and art forms to make learning enjoyable.

What is the impact?

But for Deepalaya, these children would have stayed ignorant.  Now, they are aware of their rights. So far, Deepalaya has reached out to over 2000 children in the area. The seeds that were sown 10 years ago have started giving fruits. The first batch has now cleared class 12 from the nearby inter-college. Some have moved to Saharanpur for higher studies. Rma, a girl, who studied from the center, is now pursuing nursing from Faridabad, something she would not have imagined.

Students too have made us proud by winning prizes in many district-level competitions and have also appeared in the prestigious Bhartiya Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha. Your support can help many in breaking the cycle of poverty and societal limitations in the near future.

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Cost Break Up & Target Amount

Particulars Amount
Tuition fee per year Rs. 6,000/-
Teaching Learning Materials Rs. 200/-
Extra Curricular Activities & latent talent development Rs. 300/-
Managerial Expenses Rs. 500/-
Target Amount Rs.   7000/-

You are eligible  for up to 50% exemption under Section 80 G of I-T Act on the amount you donate!     

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