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Jitender – Story of an empowered child

Childhood is the most joyous and happy time in a human ‘s life. However for some like Jitender and his brother, memories of a disastrous childhood days haunt them even today.

Jitender’s father was a drunkard and they used to live in appalling conditions. He and his brother had to do menial jobs to manage their meals and torture from their father further made things difficult for them. Unable to cope up with the dreadful situation at home, little Jitender and his brother left home.

Alone in the streets of Delhi, Jitender even stole vegetables and others things, did all menial jobs. All this just to manage a time of meal for his little brother. With no home, the boys spent nights at railway stations and bus stations.

It was during one of these days that a Deepalaya volunteer found these boys and invited them to the Children’s Home. The invitation was nothing less than a one last opportunity for Jitender to come back to life. With only one hope of food, shelter and care for his little brother, Jitender along with this little brother reached the Deepalaya Children’s home.

He completed his schooling from the Deepalaya school and another school in Mewat district. Later he completed his computer-training course and today Jitender works at Spar – supermarket in Gurgaon.

With an aim to provide a better living for his younger brother, Jitender from the streets of the city came to Deepalaya Children’s home. Complete transformation for a better future was what happened next in his life.

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