Education On Wheels

Over the years, Deepalaya has played a pivotal role in changing the way parents from underprivileged backgrounds view education. They no longer consider education a luxury, but a means of uplifting the family’s economical status. However, despite this newfound attitude, some parents have no choice but to have their children sit at home because they live in a remote area of the capital and don’t have access to affordable and quality education.

Being an NGO dedicated towards quality education of the children, Deepalaya chose to remedy this by coming up with the concept of a mobile education unit called Education on Wheels in 2006. Under this programme, a bus was purchases and equipped with computers, TV and other education related material. This bus would travel across North Delhi and provide multi-grade teaching to children of different ages and levels through special methods and techniques to make learning enjoyable.

The staff works closely with the community and conducts regular parent teacher meetings and home visits to create awareness.

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