Deepalaya Learning Centre Sanjay Colony – DLCSC

Deepalaya Learning Centre Sanjay Colony – (DLCSC)

One of the first schools that Deepalaya established in 1992 is located at this industrial hub called Sanjay Colony that houses more than 500 companies. Sadly, the industrial area is surrounded by a huge cluster of slums, where people from different states, U.P., Bihar, MP etc. have migrated in search of green pastures. They all are struggling for making a living every day. Most of them are factory workers, daily wage labour, petty vendors, etc. Considering the plight of children, especially girls in the slum, we decided to start a school. Also, the pre-primary school that we established in Chitranjan Park at a rented place had to be vacated as it could not accommodate the kind of children we wanted to enroll.

After evacuating from Chittaranjan Park, Deepalaya established a formal school, which had students studying from Class LKG to VIII with more than 500 footfalls every day. After enforcement of Right to education act, the school had to be converted into a learning centre. It was a difficult phase we had to convince the parents to enroll their children to government schools as we could not issue transfer certificate as per the new guidelines.

Despite the restrictions, Deepalaya Learning center, Sanjay Colony, continues to provide non-formal education and remedial education to the poor. The Project runs with the support of individual donors and sponsors.

The Centre has opened its doors to children and youth of all ages, not through formal education, but through different programs, which are described in other pages.

The learning centre continues to provide value education to children, who come for non-formal and remedial classes. Children are not only taught different methods but in current Techno Savvy world they are also exposed to Smart classes. The day at the centre starts with the assembly, where children are motivated to read out newspapers, express their thoughts etc. The teachers use the forum to inculcate certain values, apprise them about health and hygiene, good manners, importance of punctuality etc. They are also taught through purposeful learning by means of creative skills, games, drawings, cartoons etc. The curriculum is laced with different activities.

The learning centre follows National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) syllabus. And mainly the subjects that are taught are Maths, English, Hindi, Science and Social Science also computer classes & English Access Classes wherein the emphasis is laid on conversation and writing abilities of students.

In the remedial education classes, children who are enrolled in the government schools are helped in following their school curriculum. The teachers help them in understanding basic concepts, something that they are not able to do in the government schools. Children enrolled in the learning center and remedial education are given an opportunity to participate in different co-curricular activities like slogan competition, essay competition; quiz competitions, dance competitions, singing competitions etc.

During summer, when all the schools close their doors, our center is open and children have a gala time as they do different activities, like card making, Quilling, bouquet making, painting pots and making products from waste material. These activities enhance their skills, abilities and creativity.

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Contact Person – Ms. Shikha Pal, Manager Programmes

Email – tanushree@deepalaya.org

Phone no. – 011-40589110

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