Deepalaya Community Development Program

Deepalaya Community Development Program

The project started with the help of Delhi Government during March 2009 and was popularly known as Gender Resource Center. 

Also known as Suvidha Kendras served as first point of contact for the community. These structures were set up by the Delhi Government in partnership with the civil society organizations (CSOs) to reach out to people and take government programmes to the community, especially women since 2009. GRC-SKs were setup in areas having vulnerable families based on poverty mapping exercise with a mandate to cater to 15000-20000 households (approx. population of 100000). Starting from just 4, the number increased to 104 such centres during the last few years and 20 extension centres all over Delhi. Besides assisting in availing entitlements, these centers worked towards Social, Economic and Legal empowerment of women by interventions in the area of Legal Rights, Economic initiatives-skill building, micro-enterprises and entrepreneurship development and health.  


Both Deepalaya and GRC were working collaterally for the purpose of women empowerment and welfare.  Located at Tilak Nagar, Deepalaya GRC was providing the following components:

  • Awareness generation about all government schemes
  • Legal counselling
  • Health
  • Vocational Training
  • Education
  • Microfinance program

Change of guard

The project was initiated by the Sheila Dixit Government. With the change in the State Government, the project despite its high reaching impact was given a step motherly treatment. Somehow, we managed such a huge project without any government grant till September 2015, after which we gave a notice to the government that we shall not be able to continue with the tie-up and shall run the program in our own way. The government accepted the proposal and allowed us to continue with the program.

Resultantly, the project was scaled down and was thereafter called Deepalaya Community Development Program (DCDP).

The program now has a learning center, which provides, non-formal education to the children residing in nearby slums. They are equipped with basic education skills and are then mainstreamed into government schools. The center also provides remedial education to children studying in government schools. We also provide adult education to  people residing in the community. Illiterate mothers are now able to read and write. The local merchant cannot cheat them now. They are also equipped with vocational skills in the field of beauty culture and cutting and tailoring.

The center has now 144 children and 31 students enrolled in the vocational training program.

Contact Person- Ms Anita

Contact Number- 8130972797

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