NABARD Micro Enterprise Development Program with Deepalaya

We are pleased to share that on January 23, 2020, Deepalaya SHG programme took the new initiative, as NABARD realized its potential and started promoting it by sanctioned our MEDP Program (Micro Enterprise Development Program) for giving training on making Jute Bag.

SHG is a holistic micro-enterprise program covering all aspects of self-employment, rural poor organization into self-help groups and capacity building, activity cluster planning, building infrastructure, technology, credit and marketing.

Over the last few years, the Deepalaya Microfinance Project in Tauru Block, Haryana has been able to benefit around 17,505 SHG members, while there’s an increment in the members of SHGS and number of enterprises also increased.

Inauguration of Jute Bag Making Training Centre in Mandarka, Haryana by Mr Vijay Kumar Nagra, DDM, Nabard, Mewat

The event was inaugurated by Mr Vijay Kumar Nagra (DDM, NABARD, and MEWAT). It started at 11 AM in the conference hall, Ms.Roshni & Mr.Sanjay Kumar (Panchayat member), Mr.Sandeep Kumar Mishra (consultant Internal Audit), trainer Mr.Dinesh Sharma, Mr.Ajay Gupta, Ms.Babita and 30 SHG members co-ordinated this programme. After welcoming the guests and chanting of national anthem, event coordinator started the proceedings with a fine speech throwing light on the history and a motto of Deepalaya. The motto of this programme is to enable trainees a livelihood & self-reliance and upgrade their stander of living.

Lighting of the lamp at inaugural event at Mandarka, Haryana for Jute Bag Making Training Centre.

The event moved ahead with the brief talks to SHG’s women on the importance of self-help group concept, how this new initiative of making jute bags will give benefit them and brief explanation of various techniques. The training will last for 21 days so that SHG members will be well equipped with skills to start their own jute bag unit through the experienced trainer.

Inaugural event of Jute Bag Making Training Centre in Mandarka village, Haryana

When they were told that this bag will help reducing plastic waste, at the same moment women were so curious to talk about the environment, how plastics are damaging the environment and also added that this initiative of having jute bag will look elegant when they carry it in the market. All the members were given the chance to come upon the stage and gave a small talk over their experiences in front of the whole audience.

Having experienced over a period of time we can conclude that, it is not merely a poverty alleviation programme, financial, social and political revolution but above all, it is women empowerment that is the lifeline of the society. The only condition for its success is “sincere and honest hand-holding by SHG members.

Smiling faces of participants and their enthusiasm acknowledged the success of the event; SHG members assured the continuous support to fulfil the motto of Deepalaya Microfinance project.

This fruitful event for SHG members concluded at 3 PM, followed by lunch.

News Clipping from the local newspaper Gurgaon Today about the inauguration of Deepalaya Jute Bag Training Centre in Mandarka, Haryana.

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