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Types of Sponsorships

Integrated Sponsorship (IC) of a child in formal School: Integrated Child Sponsorship takes care of the education, health care and overall development of a particular child studying at any one of the four Deepalaya Formal Schools and education centers in South Delhi. You can choose to sponsor a girl or a boy child. Sponsorship of a child (CD) under Residential Rehabilitation: Your support will provide food, clothing, shelter, health care, recreational amenities, counseling, formal/vocational education and latent talent development to a child who has been rescued off the streets, railway platform or a negative child of HIV +ive parent, child from a broken or dysfunctional family. These children are being emotionally and socially rehabilitated at Deepalayagram located at village Gusbethi (near Sohna) in Haryana.

Sponsorship of a Child with special needs (DC) : Your support will be utilized towards special education/ formal education, speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy (therapy services), assistance in procuring certificates, aids & appliances, surgical services for a child who is physically & mentally challenged. At Deepalaya we call them Differently Able and have a specialized center dedicated to their rehabilitation which is located at Okhla Phase III in south Delhi.

Educate a Child Sponsorship (EC) : Under Educate a Child Sponsorship, your support will be extended towards the education of a child studying at a non formal education centre located at south/east Delhi. This could be a child who has never attended a school or has dropped out for various reasons or a child attending a Government School and coming to the Deepalaya Remedial Education center.

Primary Education: The sponsorship under Primary Education takes care of the first five years of a child being educated in a Deepalaya formal school. The sponsorship continues till the child completes primary schooling till class 5th.

Sponsorship of children studying in Rural Uttar Pradesh: Since 2009, Deepalaya has made inroads in Saharanpur District and has been running a Primary School in town Titron. The School caters to around 200 students in the age group of 04 to 12 year old. The children belong to the economically and socially back ward population of the village including the Harijans. The school is in the second year of functioning. Your Support will enable these children access quality education and help them to bring in the main stream of society. Sponsor a child today!

Types of Sponsorships Indian Amount in Rupees Foreign(Amount in Rupees per annum)
1. Integrated Child Sponsorship(IC)
For Children in Recognized Deepalaya School at Kalkaji Extention (New
15,000/- per year 15,000/- per year
For children studying in a non-recognized Deepalaya School in South
9,000/- per year 9,500/- per year*
Sponsorship of a child in distress 10,000/- per year 10,000/- per year
Sponsorship of a physically/mentally challenged child (DC) 10,000/- per year 10,000/- per year
2. Educate A Child (EC) Sponsorship of a child in non formal
5,000/-per year 5,500/-
per year*
3. Primary Education of a child in a Formal Deepalaya School
(for 5 years)
45,000/- (9000 x 5) 45,000/- (9000 x 5)
4. Sponsorship of Children studying in Rural Uttar Pradesh 7,000/-
per year
7,500/- per year*

Note: Sponsorship amount can be paid in easy installments.

* In case of foreign sponsors requiring all communications by post, an additional of Rs500/- to be included to cover postage costs.

When you decide to sponsor a child you will receive:

1. To begin with you will receive the case history of the child, the photograph of the child and family details of the child along with the receipt for the payment.

2. Communications about the child twice a year – 1. A Term Letter cum New Year greetings card along with activity photograph of the child. (At the end of the calendar year) 2. Annual Progress Report (May/ June) to show you his/ her progress at the end of the academic year

3. Deepalaya’s Annual Report and quarterly News Letter.
You can keep in touch with your child through letters and personal visits which will be coordinated by the Sponsorship Department.

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