How to continue studies in the COVID19 Lockdown?

A girl from class seven solving a math equation as a part of her homework

In the wake of the lockdown to prevent COVID-19 pandemic schools are closed. In fact, they closed a week before the lockdown.

Adopting novel ways to continue with the learning process, our teachers from different locations are using technology to the optimum to keep our students engaged at home so they may learn constructive things.

We are thankful to Chalees Minute School for conducting a skype session with our teachers. Chalees Minute School is an online learning space for middle school students in India to learn math and science in 40 minutes or less. They are aligned with NCERT and CBSE curriculum and present engaging videos, quizzes and images to teach the contents of that chapter.

Our teachers received training on different important teaching tools like pick a way to reach students, involve parents early, and make a time table, work to boost attendance, Plan for the next classes.

How to teach and clear doubts on the phone and in the end to take feedback after every class, to ensure that what they have taught is understood by the students.

The support extended towards them through an informative discussion & storytelling was most fruitful for our teachers. Changing from teaching in the classroom to online education is a change and quite difficult for our teachers and students, no doubt, but with a little work and practice, we can all achieve the versatility and easy access that the students themselves are looking for.

In the end, they also made a WhatsApp group including all our teachers to discuss further plans as communication is essential to maintain the online classes with our teachers and students.

Deepalaya believes that every hand reaching to help the less privileged is making an effort to show in kindness that we are together in these hard times. Thank you for the unflinching support.

Our Helping Hands