Sangeeta, story of empowerment

Sangeeta has been staying in Bawal, district Rewari, in Haryana. Until a few years back, it was an uphill task for her and her husband, who is a daily wage worker, to make both ends meet. With two children and other financial liabilities, her husband's wages were not enough. During April 2015, Sangeeta came to know about Deepalaya's SHG programme. After listening to the stories of other women, she also joined a Self-help group and started saving Rs. 100 a month from the wages her husband got. It was difficult but gradually they became used to it.

After participating in the capacity building training and micro-enterprise development programme conducted by Deepalaya with the help of NABARD, she decided to start her business.  She took a micro-loan two times for setting up a “Beauty parlour”. Her husband also started helping her in the business by procuring material, etc.

The family used to struggle for meeting the education expenses of children. They are now studying in a renowned school in the area. Sangeeta has become self-dependent and is also guiding other women of the village. She not only learnt how to earn but gained a lot of confidence and self-respect.


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