Deepalaya’s VTC in Dwarka witnesses a spectacle before Christmas

A celebration before Christmas by students at Deepalaya Computer Traning Centre, Dwarka

22 students from Deepalaya’s Vocational Training Centre in Dwarka participated in a remarkable cultural program on 23rd December, 2.30 to 5.30 PM to mark Christmas celebrations in style. The event began with an interactive session with children to understand their knowledge about Christmas and reason of celebration. The welcome speech was delivered by Ms. Sakshi Gaba, explaining why and how we celebrate Christmas. Next, Ms. Anita Rana was called on stage for a motivational speech where she expressed the purpose of celebration is to create unity in the society, no matter to which religion people may belong. She guided students to respect every religion, and above all, respect humanity. Mr. Pradeep Kumar in his speech said that every individual has some special talent, and we only need to identify and enhance their hidden talents to make best use of it.

Deepalaya Vocational Training Centre celebrated Christmas at the centre

On the cultural front, the programme began with an energetic dance performance by one of our students Mansi on the song ‘Jai Ganesha’ that stunned the audience in awe. Two students, Gautam and Sagar sang power-packed rap songs written on their own. There was a huge cheer from students as they liked the songs and applauded them. Next, a group of four students performed a well-practiced play which showed how we can stop air pollution in our neighborhood by taking some basic steps. Another student Versha gave a presentation on pollution, covering types of pollution, their effects and the solutions for protecting the environment.

At the end of the function, refreshments were given to the students. Everyone enjoyed delicious cakes and cold drinks, and went on to enjoy in the open jam session concluding the day. The purpose of the event was to draw students’ attention towards unity in diversity and motivate them to become a good human being, as well as showcase their hidden talent—all of these aspects were served successfully.

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