Name: Vaishnavi
Date Of Birth : 21/02/2014
Address: Sanjay Colony
Vaishnavi (Born on 21/02/2014) is studying in class N/A at Special Unit .
Other Details

Favourite Subject : N/A.

Ambition : N/A.

Her family consists of
Name Relation Age Education Occupation
Sheshnath Father 34 Graduate Salesman
Anita Mother 31 Graduate Housewife
Mansi Sister 7 2nd
Pranjal Brother 2 None
They belong to the state of Uttar Pradesh. Presently they live at Sanjay Colony.

Social workers remarks: Vaishnavi is a cute and sincere child. She is Hearing Impaired child and getting Special Education and Speech Therapy to improve her present hearing level. She can do free hand scribbling, beading and arrange pegs in peg board puzzles.

Vaishnavi and her family thank you for your support!

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