Child Prodigies Tanishq and Tiara Visited Deepalaya School

Development can take place at every stage, it depends upon us how we are going to adopt it and at what age, in the same context an event organized at Deepalaya School Kalkaji, where we got the opportunity to meet child prodigies ‘Tanishq and Tiara’ who have achieved many milestones at a very young age; they are the members of the renowned MENSA organization – which admits members only when a person gets more than 98 percentile on any recognized intelligence quotient test.

Welcoming of the guests in Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension

These two prodigies visited Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension to address our students. The Chief guests were Tanishq, 16, a TEDx speaker and Tiara, 13, an amazing singer who has performed in several countries. They were accompanied by Taji Abraham and Bijou Abraham, their parents. Amongst others present were founder member Mr T M Abraham, Dr Sagtkhi John our board member, our secretary & Chief Executive Mr A.J Philip and our Executive Director, Mrs Jaswant Kaur.

Honouring guests by Deepalaya Management

All the guests were welcomed with a warm welcome and lighting the lamp ceremony and welcome song by school Choir. Thereafter our Executive Director, Mrs Jaswant Kaur, gave the welcome speech in which she appreciated the efforts of Tanishq and Tiara, also mentioned whatever they are going to talk will inspire our students and would be grateful to hear your struggle from your words only.

Tanisha a child prodigy motivating students of Deepalaya School Kalkaji Extension

Our secretary and Chief Executive, A.J Philip inspired the audience with his motivational words followed by a short performance by the School choir. Everyone was curious to listen to Tanishq, who told the students his story, the struggle he had to face for getting admission in various universities and colleges. His mantra for success is his curiosity to know new things. Tanishq is right now pursuing his PhD. at US Davis. He expressed his desire to become the US president one day.

Tiara a child prodigy singing her favorite songs for Deepalaya children

On the other hand, Tiara enthralled the audience with her mesmerizing voice. She sang English and a German song so beautifully even with a sore throat. There was pin-drop silence in the hall. She can sing in 9 different languages.

Mr C.P Davis, principal of Deepalaya School Kalkaji, proposed the Vote of thanks that in a short span of them they accepted our invitations for interacting with our students, appreciated the performances of both students and followed by National Anthem.

Thereafter, students and teachers asked a lot of questions to Tanishq and Tiara about their journey and their lifestyle and they answered all the questions very patiently.

Tanishq and Tiara answering the queries of children at Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension.

The event proved to be very useful for our students, teachers who were immensely benefitted by the vast experience and knowledge sharing of these two prodigies ‘Tanishq and Tiara’. It was a day of joy as they motivated our students in so many ways.

Deepalaya Children and staff with Tanishq and Tiara child prodigies who visited Deepalaya School from Uniteds States of America

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