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Deepalaya is privileged to have donors, who would go an extra mile to help the NGO, without any effort from our end. Ms. Jyoti is associated with our special unit for the last few years when she was working with Pepsico. As she moved from Pepsico and joined the HR department of Unicharm India Private Limited, she endeavored to maintain the warmth she had for Deepalaya Special unit.

Ravi Pahuja 24-Oct-2017

Since its inauguration last year in the month of October, library at Deepalaya Sanjay Colony learning center hasVolunteer motivating children to start visiting Deepalaya Community Library gained momentum. However, till now it has been used by the students studying in the center. We have a trained librarian and volunteers who can eventually evolve the library into a community library under the guidance of Mridula Koshy.

With this aim in mind, Ms. Pushpa Khurana, librarian alongwith Ms. Mridula Koshy, Ms. Upali and a few teachers and volunteers from Sanjay Colony conducted an awareness generation drive in and around SanjayCommunity Visits in Sanjay Colony by staff and volunteer of community library at Deepalaya Colony. The students too took the initiative and reached out to the community in different groups.

As the team discussed about the new library, people started asked questions. Almost every household was covered. People were curious to know about the community library. Some appreciated the effort and assured that they shall visit and would like to borrow books.

Some also enquired about the time table and when can they have access to the library. The team shared the time table and what kind of people would be eligible to become members. They also told about kind of Beneficiaries of Deepalaya Community Library along with staff and volunteersdocuments required for enrolling as a member. Some out of their naivety also asked whether they would be paid any money for coming to the library.

Be that as it may, the drive indicated that the initiative of community library at Sanjay Colony shall bring fruitful results. It shall provide the community a platform to relive the lost world of books.

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