The Art of reading, remembering and retaining knowledge

The Art of reading, remembering and retaining knowledge

Ravi Pahuja 24-Oct-2017

Give me a book

On the floor, in a chair

Up a tree or on the stair

Books make magic anywhere

Books can take me where they will

Alien planet, haunted hill

Twisty plot or a shivery thrill

Books can make me cry or start

To laugh so hard I fall apart

A book can open up my heart


Give me a book, or two or four

I’ll gobble them up and ask for more

These words by Ms. Uma Krishnaswami, an author of picture books and novels for children were read out aloud to the children at Deepalaya Learning Centre, Sanjay Colony.  Ms .Shelly, Mr. Satadru and Mr. Laksh, volunteers from Scholastic conducted the sessions for students of LKG, UKG, I and II. It was part of a special program launched by Scholastic- one nation reading together – for promoting reading amongst children.

Ms. Shelly read out a book to the children, which virtually transported them to a different world. She later on asked several questions to test whether the children could understand what she read out. The children received books as prizes when as they replied to her questions. All the children had a joyful time among books and pictures and stories. Towards the end, they were given biscuit packets also.

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