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“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”- Diane Mariechild

Ravi Pahuja 12-Oct-2017

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”- Diane Mariechild

Becoming a mother, bringing into the world a new life is a beautiful experience for any woman. However, majority of women in rural India do not have the proper means to ensure safety in this crucial and wondrous experience. Thousands of women have died during child birth which underlines the lack of health centres in their community’s vicinity

Since 2005, Deepalaya has been crusading for the noble cause of providing quality healthcare facilities to the people in Rural Mewat, Haryana. Recently, we also stepped in and opened a gynaec wing at its Integrated Rural Health Centre in Gusbethi, Haryana which provides ante-natal and post-natal care. The positive response from people residing in nearby villages has so far resulted in birth of 9 babies since 7th October, 2011. Here are the stories of Shehruni and Asmina – mothers who recently gave birth to their children in a secure and protective milieu.

For 20 year old Asmina- a resident of Patuka Village, the health of her baby was her prime concern. She was not keeping well and also used to feel weak during her pregnancy. Despite home remedies by her mother-in-law- a traditional rural woman, there was no respite for Asmina. She was then identified by Deepalaya Social worker. She was suggested to take vitamins tablets and was under the constant supervision of the lady doctor at the health centre. Asmina gave birth to her first child on 7th October, 2011. “I am happy that my baby is healthy and thankful to Deepalaya to step in at the crucial time and making it possible”, says the 20 year old mother.

Shehruni shares a similar story. Shehruni was pregnant with her third child and was confident that like her earlier two deliveries this one will also take place with the help of a mid-wife. Little she knew that fate had something else stored for her this time. She was eight months pregnant when she was identified by Deepalaya’s Social Worker. After much persuading, she decided to go to the health centre and get herself examined. She was so impressed by the care and affection she got from the staff at the centre that she opted to deliver her baby in the health centre. 

Shehruni also persuaded her husband-Tofeeq and the couple collectively convinced their family. Shehruni gave birth to her third child-a baby boy on 12th October, 2011. “The nurses and doctors at the health centre are so co-operative. They took complete care of my wife and the child. I am so happy and will surely convince my fellow villagers to bring their pregnant women to the clinic”, says the proud father-Tofeeq. 

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