Spreading the message of peace on World Human Rights Day

“You can never have enough of music for it brings happiness to heart and peace to soul”

Ravi Pahuja 12-Oct-2017

“You can never have enough of music for it brings happiness to heart and peace to soul”

The above lines hold true for all those who were present at the BritishSchool, Chanakyapuri on 10 December, 2011 as the young humming birds of Deepalaya infused the atmosphere with their harmonious voices performing on the occasion of ‘World Human Rights Day’.

All the 200 students of the Choral Group looked magnificent in their snow-white coloured dresses, carrying themselves with grace throughout the evening. The sweetness of their voices matched the glow on their faces, while singing songs like“We are the World’, ‘Khwaja Mere Khwaja’ and ‘Ek Tu Hi Bharosa’.

Mr.Yngve Traedel- Country Manager India, SN Power, was highly pleased by the students and encouraged them to carry on with their singing. He further added, ““We are the world, years back I sang the same song spreading the message of peace, and today, I retrospect my own journey with these kids performing here. I am happy to be here”.

“It is so enthralling to see these young ones perform in front of such a large audience without any hesitation,” added Mr.Vinod Khanna (Principal Consultant, Tech Mahindra Foundation. 

On the occasion, the members of Deepalaya Parivaar shared their poignant experiences and the change the organization has brought into their lives. “I would have been a journalist and be writing for some newspaper. Deepalaya has revamped me into a person who works for NGO” said Rishi- an ex employee.

“It is indeed a pleasure for me to be a part of today’s program. The alumni were actually able to recreate the essence of India. Through their songs, the choral group was able to present the true colours of India” is what Mr. A.J. Philip had to say about the Deepalaya Old Students Team (DOST) who made their debut performance at the event in form of a splendid musical. The Annual Report 2010-2011 was also released on the occasion.  

The occasion was graced by Mr.Vinod Khanna and Mr. Yngve Traedel among others.The choir along with their mentor Mr Sunny Varghese proved that Music washes away from the soul the negativities of everyday life.

The choir also gave a scintillating performance at the Youth Festival at Central Park, Connaught Place on 17th December. The festival was organised by the Delhi Government, the Festival is a platform for the youth to highlight their spirit, creativity and talents. 

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