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The Word Magical does not begin to describe it!” were the words of one of the delegates, describing her interaction with Deepalaya students, Sanjay

Ravi Pahuja 20-Dec-2018

The Word Magical does not begin to describe it!â€Â were the words of one of the delegates, describing her interaction with Deepalaya students, Sanjay Colony. 17th February,2010 witnessed a day of Global interaction with Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony welcoming the People to People International delegation, consisting of highly accomplished individuals, all from the United States, and most well placed philanthropists themselves. The delegation was lead by Roberta A. Healey – Chair – Association of Fundraising Professionals, USA. People to People International is dedicated to enhancing cross-cultural communication within each community and across communities and nations.Ms. Sudha Parthasarthy, Executive Director of Deepalaya made a short presentation on the work that the organization has been doing over the years and the delegates were completely enthralled after seeing the film made on Deepalaya which gave them a bird’s view of the areas covered by the organization. However, what really took their breath away was the cultural program presented by the students. The program showcased a beautiful mix of Indian and Western culture. It began with a performance by the Hindi choir group, which was followed by a vibrant puppet dance. The program wonderfully blended in western culture with a western dance performance and English Choir singing. The show concluded with a dandiya performance. Mesmerized by the students, the delegates joined into the dandiya dance performance very enthusiastically and danced along with the students. Finally, as a gesture of solidarity, both the U.S. and Indian National Anthems were sung. Delegates also interacted with the students. They were impressed with the high standard of education being imparted in the school. They found that the children scored high on general knowledge and were able to answer their questions on the U.S.A as well as on their favorite subjects. Moreover, looking around the school, the stark difference between the school and its surrounding slum area, pleasantly surprised them. They highly appreciated the safe and happy abode the school has created for the children. As a kind gesture, they granted Deepalaya a one year free Complimentary AFP Global e-Membership. They also donated generously to the organization by way of cash donations, gifts and professional material. It was a truly magical afternoon, which presented an opportunity for not only the visiting delegates to see Deepalaya’s work but also for the students to interact with the delegates and learn a bit more about their culture. It was another step for Deepalaya in its aim for imparting truly high quality education. Send feedback/Suggestion to- By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Media Coordinator & Content Developer & Punya Srivastava , Content Developer

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