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The capacity to recognize hidden/latent abilities is something which is rare. However, Deepalaya can boast about the abundance of this characteristic and

Ravi Pahuja 26-Sep-2017

The capacity to recognize hidden/latent abilities is something which is rare. However, Deepalaya can boast about the abundance of this characteristic and a living example is the District Games held in association with the Special Olympics Bharat (New Delhi) on the 1st and 2nd of December at Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension, as a commemoration of the ‘Disability Day’ observed worldwide on the 3rd of December. Ten schools from across NCR participated in the event- CASP Plan, Nav Prabhat, NIMH Model Special School, Akriti School (Faridabad) and HCRA, just to name a few. The athletic meet started with a march past by the children, followed by a torch run which symbolized their undying and blazing desire to meet the challenges of life. The Special Olympics flag was thereafter hoisted by the students. All the students and educators then took an oath- “Let me to win. If not let me to make a brave attempt.â€Â Rtn. T.K. Mathew, Chief Executive and Secretary of Deepalaya inaugurated the ceremony with words of encouragement in his address to the special children, “All of you have a lot of power and I want the whole world to know about it and identify it. You will get several pedestals to prove it, one of them being these District Games. A sunny day on a winter morning of 2nd December and a huge playground with children lined up for a series of competitions offered a perfect environment for sports. After the first day of assessment and formation of groups as per the abilities of these children, it was time to contest and engage in fun. The kids were assisted by their teachers and well trained coaches from ‘Special Olympics Bharat, New Delhi.’ There were various competitions like Bocce, 10 metre and 25 metre assisted walk, 25 metre and 50 metre race, soft ball throw, tennis ball throw and shot-put throw. Each participant was awarded with a reward regardless of the performance in the activity. This was a gesture to encourage the kids and to boost up their confidence to perform even better. The Programme Coordinator of Deepalaya’s Special Unit, Sangeeta said, “It was a golden opportunity to organize these District Games with the Special Olympics Bharat where special kids from NCR got a platform to display their abilities. This is an acknowledgement of their special skills and talent.â€Â To keep the athletes full of vigor- energy drinks and refreshments were provided, followed by a prize distribution ceremony. Two Canadian delegates were the guests of honour for the day. Georgia who is sponsoring two students of RJRN Deepalaya School said, “I was delighted to see the smiles on the faces of these children. Despite several disadvantages they seem to take everything in stride and bond with each other so well. All the credits go to their educators and trainers who have worked hard to create an amiable environment for them. Community sports increase their level of interaction with the society at largeâ€Â.

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