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We have distributed more than 1000 kits so far. We distributed nutritious food kits to more than 500 children who need nourishment.

Tintumol Joseph 30-Jul-2021

Covid-19 took thousands of lives and millions of livelihoods. Many humble households could not afford a pandemic and the lockdown thereafter. This unprecedented crisis put them at a disadvantage because they never had savings to bank on and food reserves to feed themselves. While the privileged enjoyed working from home and the safety of their well-equipped houses, the less privileged did not even have provisions for home quarantine if a member of the family contracted the virus.


Oxygen shortage did create anxiety when the second wave of Covid-19 hit the country. The return of the Coronavirus was brutal. The fatalities itself were overwhelming but it also caused casualties in terms of job terminations and loss of livelihoods in many unfortunate households all across the nation. Such heavy losses are unaccounted for and if we do not take action there will be many more casualties.


Acute hunger and poverty are two of the worst byproducts of this pandemic. Yes, we as a nation are not strange to these two phenomenons and a lot of work was being carried out to eradicate them from our soil. Zero Hunger and Poverty alleviation through skill development has been two major goals of Deepalaya. Many Government and Non-Government agencies were working towards these goals too. However, the pandemic has pushed us backwards to at least five years. Many who had crossed the margin of poverty and hunger have been shoved back to their earlier life of misery.


Is it all the doing of a virus? The answer is no. The inequalities in societies is a reality and bridging the gap and walking hand in hand has always been the vision. If the pandemic has become a hindrance in the development of the less privileged and pushed them back to their earlier state of disadvantage we need to reach out and pull them out of there. Every act of kindness matters. It goes a long way in restoring the faith of individuals and communities.


Deepalaya has identified millions of people in the national capital who are living a less secure life when it comes to food. Roti and dal is their oxygen and they are suffocating because it has become expensive for them. Losing jobs and livelihoods have made some of their children beg on the streets. It only shows that we are not doing enough and that we can do much more to prevent the atrocity of children in the street begging for food. Deepalaya has launched Mission Salamati 2 to help families stay nourished during this pandemic.


Financial support to COVID19 deceased family members by Deepalaya and Give India


64-year-old Pavan Devi and her family lost all hope during the last lockdown. She and her husband lived with their son and his family in Patel Garden. During the second wave, her husband and son contracted the virus. Even though he put a good fight against the disease, Pavan Devi lost her husband. Her son who was fortunate enough to survive the disease lost his job. The death of their head of the family and the sole breadwinner losing his job threw the family into despair. Her son has three children to raise and everyday expenses were not met with his wages from odd jobs. They did not get any aid from the Government as well.


Pavan Devi heard about Deepalaya from a stranger and immediately approached Deepalaya Center, Patel Garden. We recognized that this family does need assistance to recuperate from the death of a near one and the financial difficulties they were facing. We provided them with one month’s dry ration so that the family does not starve and a cheque of Rs.30,000 as financial aid.


Such stories from our centres across Delhi remind us that Mission Salamati 2 is the need of the hour. We have distributed more than 1000 kits so far. We distributed nutritious food kits to more than 500 children who need nourishment. 21000 families more are waiting for ration kits. Just Rs.1500 is enough to provide one ration kit to a family which will feed them for a month. Families who have lost their sole breadwinner are given a one-time financial assistance of 30,000. Click on the link given below and join Mission Salamati 2. Kindness matters!

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