Education is now on-the-go with Deepalaya’s Mewsic Bus.

Deepalaya Mewsic Bus Education is now on-the-go with Deepalaya’s Mewsic Bus.

Ravi Pahuja 19-Oct-2020

Deepalaya Mewsic Bus Education is now on-the-go with Deepalaya’s Mewsic Bus.
Today every man, woman and child knows about the benefits of education. It not only frees us from archaic practices and supernatural beliefs, but also lets us take charge of our lives. However, despite this newfound awareness, there are still countless children who don’t have access to schools and are forced to sit at home or start working at an early age. To combat this problem, Deepalaya thought of a way to bring the school to these children and thus, the Mewsic Bus and Intraped Girls Education was born.

Deepalaya Mewsic BusThe Education on Wheels project was instituted in 2006. In this programme, a bus was equipped with a computer, TV, whiteboard and all other tools necessary for education. This bus would travel all over North Delhi, reaching out to children who either didn’t have access to a school or were school drop-outs. This novel concept soon caught the attention of Brett Lee’s Mewsic India Foundation and a partnership was formed. The newly christened Mewsic Bus would continue to be a mobile education vehicle, but would use music as a medium to make its lessons more interactive and fun. Under the revised syllabus, the children are taught numbers, verbal communication skills, life skills and science through poems and rhymes.

Deepalaya Mewsic BusThe Intraped Girls Education programme is the second half of this initiative and focuses on providing non-formal and remedial education to girls. The classes are held in the afternoon as the girls go to their respective schools in the morning. Regular workshops and activities are planned to ensure an over-all development of the children. The following workshops were conducted in the months of June and July 2013 – Deepalaya Mewsic Bus
• Texture Painting (10th and 14th June)
• Art and Craft (24th June)
• Health and Hygiene (4th July)
• Computers (5th July)

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