Building employability: career counseling sessions conducted for Deepalaya VTC Dwarka students in collaboration with NIIT

A career counseling session for Deepalaya students conducted by NIIT in Dwarka

Ravi Pahuja 31-Aug-2018

A career counseling session for Deepalaya students conducted by NIIT in Dwarka

With an aim to prepare students ahead of the job interview season, Deepalaya recently organized career guidance and counseling sessions for students at Deepalaya VTC Patel Garden, Dwarka Mor, in collaboration with N-Reach, a program under the aegis of NIIT Foundation (a not-for-profit education society) on 16th January 2018, from 10.30 AM to 1 PM. NIIT Foundation has collaboration with Deepalaya VTC at Dwarka for the courses of CCIB & CCAEW. NIIT Foundation’s N Reach NGO accreditation program partners with NGOs focusing on education and training of underprivileged youth, and offers training and certification to both students and faculty. Ms Divya and Mr. Pawan from NIIT conducted the counseling session, which was attended by 29 students.

There was a self-introduction session followed by discussion on various topics like value of timing (punctuality on an interview), how to give introduction for interviews, dress code, body language, skill improvement and experience, importance of hard work and patience, and so on. Students were told to make your goals and move towards them gradually, they were also told not to waste time or career opportunities. The students were also groomed to introduce themselves, present their career goals, answer questions related to their strengths, positively answer or avoid questions regarding their weaknesses, and most importantly, taught how to make the employer convinced about choosing them for the job.

During and after the session, students shared their feelings and feedback. Most of the students the counseling session was informative and exhaustive, and made them feel confident. Some said they had learnt about how to start their career and gain job experience. Others even said that they are interested to take job in any field, because it is after all being self-reliant that matters.

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