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Awareness Session on Family Planninga and Nutrition

Ravi Pahuja 22-Dec-2017

Awareness Session on Family Planninga and Nutrition

As we interacted with the parents and children, we came to know that some of the children had more than two siblings. The Deepalaya staff at SDMC School thought to conduct an awareness session on family planning. Accordingly, a nutrition camp was organized for the mothers and other community women of the area on 18th July, 2017. The main aim of the camp was to promote low-cost nutrition amongst women for better health and also to make the mothers aware about the kind of precautions they can take to control birth and reproductive health.

They were told how they can make their day-to-day food interesting so that the children are motivated to eat food cooked at home instead of the unhealthy outside food. The women were informed that why should we include protein-rich diet in our food. Ms. Nonita informed protein is necessary for bone health, especially for growing children. Deficiency of protein leads to kwashiorkor and marasmus, which is a severe form of malnutrition resulting into deformation of body. Children suffering from these diseases are characterized by bloated stomach and very thin arms and legs.

Simple inclusion of peanuts in the diet can help in protein deficiency. The women were given a demonstration for preparing Bhel Puri which is a good source of protein.  They were told about the benefits of aam panna, which is commonly used during summers. 

Women were then involved in making both bhel puri and aam panna. Ms. Sadhna explained the entire process in detail. While they were given a small cup of aam panna and bhel puri to eat, Ms. Sadhna came forward and asked if anyone knows about family planning. Most of the ladies were very shy in answering the questions. They were shown both the temporary and permanent methods, which can be used for planning and ensuring a gap between two children.

Thereafter, Ms. Shameema Shakeel and Ms. Abha Kapila spoke about the activities being conducted in the school with the intervention of Deepalaya. The mothers were happy to see the new furniture and computers in the school.

When they asked about feedback, everyone said the session was very beneficial and the recipe was very simple to make. Towards the end, women were given packets of peanuts and a handout describing the diseases and recipes. They were informed that there would be more surprises when we meet next.

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