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Certificate distribution and motivational session

Ravi Pahuja 06-Dec-2017

Certificate distribution and motivational session 

Deepalaya VTC, Noida came into being during August 2016 with the help of Ms. Poonam Jain, who donated sewing machines for the centre. The project reached out to 25 trainees, who appreared in the examination conducted by Jan Sikshan Sansthan, West Delhi during February, 2017.  Since then, the students were waiting for their result. It was a proud moment as all of them passed with ‘A’ grade.

On 22nd June 2017, we organized a small certificate distribution ceremony in the presence of Ms. Poonam Jain. We could see the luster in their eyes and excitement on their face as they were going to receive their certificates. Before conferring the Certificates, Ms. Jain took a session with the trainees.   She suggested that they should not sit at home after receiving the certificates but should think of enhancing their skill to get perfection in their work. She told how they can use small pieces of cloth to make bed sheet, make some beautiful designs in suits, Pillow cover, Table cloth etc. while sitting at home. The newly made products will catch the attention of people because of the unique and innovative concept. She suggested the trainees to do fabric painting on the clothes. She shared her experiences with the trainees and told that hand work on the cloth attract people more than machine work. She cited the example of her mother. She shared that the cloth which we throw out, thinking them to be useless, her mother would use them in patch work. She quoted that she herself stitched using different cloth pieces and made colourful designs. She also shared that those who lose their temper over trifles, they should do stitching work as stitching and hand embroidery helps in controlling the anger of human being. Thereafter, the certificates were distributed and Mr. M J Alam thanked Ms. Poonam Jain for accepting our invitation and motivating the students. 

After getting the certificate the trainees were very happy. The students who are enrolled in the program were also very happy thinking one day they too will get their certificate and celebrate the occasion.

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