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Nutrition Camp at SDMC

Ravi Pahuja 09-Mar-2018

Nutrition Camp at SDMC

Mother is lifeline of the entire family. Hence a well-educated and well-informed mother shall make every effort to keep disease away. In view of this, a nutrition camp was organized on 24th August for the mothers of children enrolled at Deepalaya SDMC School, Okhla water sewage treatment plant. As the camp is conducted every month, some women in the nearby locality also come in the school to attend the informative session. The idea is to promote low cost nutrition amongst these women. Ms. Nonita Aggarwal informed the women how they can make their day-to-day food interesting so that the children are motivated to eat food cooked at home instead of the unhealthy outside food. The importance of different nutrients and specially protein was discussed along with the rich sources and deficiency diseases.

Thereafter, the women were asked to cut vegetables like beans, carrot etc. for preparing Paushtik Cheela and Meethi Lassi. The women were thereafter served the hot cheela with lassi.

Everyone relished the nutritious dishes. Most of them agreed that these recipes are neither costly nor difficult to make, therefore they found them do able at home. Some of them said that they could never imagine that they can add any other vegetable in cheela apart from onions which they usually do.

The occasion was also used to burst certain myths about menstrual hygiene. They were informed about healthy menstrual practices. Some of them found the information very useful. ‘Sangini ‘sanitary napkin, a product from Deepalaya supported Umang SHG group was also introduced during the session. They were also told that these products are more skin friendly and comfortable than most of the other products available in the market.

They were also given the option of income generation where they earn profit by selling the Sangini sanitary napkins. Towards the end of the session, they were given one packet of peanuts, a copy of the recipe and one packet of napkin each.


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