A day well spent by special kids with special guests

Differently-Abled children received guests from Inner Wheel Club

Ravi Pahuja 16-Feb-2018

Differently-Abled children received guests from Inner Wheel Club

In this season of festival, the Sambhav Project had organized a small Celebration on 11th August to inculcate the values that a festival brings with it. We had invited some of the eminent personalities from Inner Wheel Club. Fortunately, we were honored by the presence of Ms Achala Dayal, and Ms. Shobha Dayal who were accompanied by President of Inner Wheel, Ms. Sarita, Ms. Shikha Pal (Manager Program) and Ms. Babita Joshi (Program Executive, FADA Project). The Event commenced at 10:00 a.m. with a spiritual Lord Krishna Aarti that was initiated by Ms. Achala Dayal, followed by the staff members.

An introductory speech was given to give incites about the significance of Independence Day and Janmashtami. Further to bring in the zeal of patriotism, we had a melodious singing performance by group of 05 students. The Patriotic song, “Hum Honge Kaamyaab” was just not sung but felt by every heart that we always have the hope to rise and shine in the days to come. The Celebration ended with a group dance performance on the song “Mayya Yashoda”, which was a marvelous performance.

At the end, refreshments were distributed amongst everyone including the guests. Everyone appreciated the zeal of the students who participated in the celebration. 


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