A day dedicated to the fathers

Deepalaya Father’s And Daughter Alliance project celebrated Father’s Day at Sanjay Colony, Okhla, New Delhi.

Ravi Pahuja 04-Dec-2017

Deepalaya Father’s And Daughter Alliance project celebrated Father’s Day at Sanjay Colony, Okhla, New Delhi.

Every year, fathers’ day is celebrated at our FADA project at Sanjay Colony. It was no exception this year.  The unit was jam packed with children, their parents and teachers from Sanjay Colony on 17th June, 2017. On a discrete corner, a stall was organized, where different products made by the girls and their fathers were showcased. The stall represented the union of a father and a daughter that the project wants to promote. There was an empty banner of a white cloth which presented a picture of a girl child in the lap of her mother. Fathers were scribbling their thoughts on the cloth. The testimony reflected what a father would want her daughter to become in future.

The function started with welcome speech by a small girl, Anchal Dharmender, studying in class 6thin government school, Harkesh Nagar. Mr. K L Malhotra, one of our donors and his colleague presided over the function. Ms. Jaswant Kaur, Director CRM, Ms. Shikha Pal, Manager programmes, Ms. Sangita Sen, Headmistress, RJRND learning center, Ms. Kalpana Das, in-charge of special unit and teachers were also present on the occasion

The students were dressed in colourful dresses as they were in a festival mood. Some of them were excited to showcase their talent. Ms. Sunita, a teacher from FADA did compering and kept the children engaged and motivated so that they attended the function properly and did not create ruckus. After the welcome speech, three girls recited a poem on why it is important to educate the girl child.

This was followed by a dance performance by senior girls. The cultural panorama showcased various dance performances from modern to classical. The girls also presented a beautiful dance on a Rajasthani folk song.

Thereafter, Ms. Jaswant Kaur, Director CRM was called upon the stage to say a few words. She appreciated the children who presented what they have learnt from the project. At the same time, she requested the fathers to help their daughters in achieving their dreams. She spoke about early marriage, which not only stops them in pursuing their aim but also is dangerous for their health.

Thereafter, two teachers presented the testimonials and asked the children to come up stage to read what their fathers think about them. One by one, girls came up stage and read what their father wrote. The fathers were also called and a few fathers spoke highly about the project and the achievements of their daughters.

The function ended with a vote of thanks from Ms. Shikha Pal, the project in-charge.


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