A bundle of joy – Rubeena

A bundle of joy – Rubeena

Ravi Pahuja 20-Jan-2021

When we moved to Gusbethi in Mewat, a Muslim-dominated area on the outskirts of Haryana, one of theRubeena - A girl with determination to stregthen her family.  persistent problems that we came across, was lack of education, especially amongst girls. Ignorance ruled and superstitions thrived. Local people did not consider it relevant to send their wards to school.

It was not easy to manage people who had an entirely different mindset and would go wild even on a slight difference of opinion. Our team spent sleepless nights to bring a change in the area.

Girls like Rubeena make us proud. Rubeena was an ordinary girl from a poor Muslim family. His father Mohd. Yameen is mentally sick and is not able to contribute to the family income. Her mother is a housewife and has been insisting on Rubeena’s education as she was deeply inspired by our team, who came to visit them, when she was a child. One of our teachers took note as she stayed close to Rubeena’s house and enrolled her in Deepalaya School.

However, it became very difficult day by day. His father and two brothers never wanted her to continue her studies. However, Rubeena’s mother stood by her. Our team talked to her father and brothers several times but to no avail. There was a time when she was forcibly asked to stay in-door. Yet, Rubeena’s mother managed to get her into the school. This is how she managed to study from LKG to Class 10.

The day proved to be big turning point in her life. “I was very excited when I attended school for the first time,” says Rubeena, recalling the good old school days.

Deepalaya School Gusbethi HaryanaHard-working as she was, Rubeena was a girl who dreamt high. She, was one of the 100 girls, whose education was sponsored by Colveta India Private Limited, a Gurgaon-based company.

After passing her 10th she joined as assistant in a private hospital “Maddena” at Tavru. She enjoys her job as she is able to help people who are in distress and support her mother. “We have not seen a single day when we had enough to eat since my childhood. I earn Rs. 3000/- a month. However, most of it is spent on my father’s medication,” says Rubina.

Determined and considerate, Rubeena wants to complete her studies and dreams of becoming a nurse to serve the humanity.  As far as her family circumstances are concerned, she continues to struggle with her mother supporting her unconditionally. Her brothers also have left her alone. Yet she manages to smile and is confident of becoming a successful nurse one day. Rubeena is a bundle of joy for her mother and the patients too.

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