38 performances mark Deepalaya’s 38th birthday

Foundation Day celebration at Deepalaya

Ravi Pahuja 19-Oct-2020

Foundation Day celebration at Deepalaya

38 years ago, Deepalaya was founded on 16th July 1979 and every year this day is celebrated with lot of pomp and show. This year was no exception. Everyone was excited and looking forward to day-long celebrations on 15th July. From a tiny seed to an oak tree, the journey of Deepalaya is amazing.

Unlike other events, where the celebrations were confined to the employees, this year, five of our executive committee members – Mr. P J Thomas, Mr. T M Abraham, Mr. Shaji John, Dr. Annie Mathew and Ms. Rajini Thomson — and one general body member — Mrs. Mariam Mathew were also present on the ocassion.

The function was presided by Ms. Meeta Singh, IRS, Additional Commissioner, SDMC. Mr. Mukesh Yadav, Additional Director, SDMC, Ms. Pushpa, Deputy Director, Education, central zone, Mr. Parmod Kumar and Mr. Ram Nath Meena, schools inspectors also graced the occassion. The function started with a welcome song and lighting of the lamp by the delegates from SDMC, executive committee members and founders of Deepalaya. While the song was being sung, one of the teachers from Deepalaya School, Kalkaji Extension made a beautiful cake on a white canvas. The cake looked so yummy that everyone felt like grabbing and eating it. Alas! It was made on paper.

Shri AJ Philip, Secretary and Chief Executive welcomed the Chief Guest, delegates from SDMC and board members. In his speech, he requested Ms. Meeta Singh to help Deepalaya in extending the existing building of the school.

Who knew that the day would start with a rocking dance performance by staff from Loesche India followed by a group song by Gole Kuan employees and dance performance by FADA project. Thereafter, children from Deepalaya Childrens’ home presented a skit on girl child education.

It was an honor to have Ms. Meeta Singh amongst us on this special occasion. She congratulated the founders and the entire team of Deepalaya to have come up with the idea of establishing this wonderful institution called Deepalaya. She said that “we are also taking help from NGO’s to enhance learning methodology and learning ability of students.” She also mentioned that all teachers should behave like a family member with their students so that they can feel comfortable and ask as many questions as they want. Towards, the end of her speech, she ensured that she will do her best to help Deepalaya in future.

The celebrations continued. One by one, people from different projects came up stage to express their love for Deepalaya. No one had ever thought that we have a huge group of talented people who can dance, sing and entertain the audience by breaking their age barriers.

Thereafter, Ms. Pushpa, Deputy Director, SDMC, was called upon stage for saying a few words. She congratulated the board and founder members of Deepalaya and said “I hope they feel proud when they see the growth of this organization”. She felt happy to join hands with Deepalaya and felt assured that the SDMC School has gone in the right hands. She thoroughly enjoyed different performances and said” Generally teachers teach students, spend time with them for their welfare. I am happy to see that they are dancing and enjoying, it is a very different thing for me.”

Thereafter two teachers from Ramditti J.R Narang Deepalaya Learning Centre danced on a fusion of bollywood songs. After that Mr. Shaji P.John, treasurer came upon stage and thanked the Chief Guest and other delegates from the SDMC for attending the function. He said “I asked Mr. Abraham that do you remember when the first meeting was held to discuss Deepalaya. Did he think that Deepalaya would grow this much? Deepalaya is now the largest operational NGO of Delhi and this is the result of their trust and dedication towards this organization.

He thanked everyone who come forward and performed on stage. He said the day is not far when the board members shall also perform on the founders’ day. Towards the end of his speech, he motivated the employees to put up their best in implementing projects within the timeline.

Though each and every performance had a charm of its own, the ones that grabbed all the limelight was put up by HRC staff and Deepalaya Learning centre, Sanjay Colony. The former presented a fashion show representing the concept of unity in diversity. Everyone was wearing traditional dresses of various states while the latter was a musical skit on how a mother can protect her daughter from society.

A dance performance by Tauru project gave an opportunity to Mr. A.J Phillip to dance with other staff members and enjoy the occasion. Mr. Brajesh Pathak, Manager-Program, tied turbans to all board members.

Everyone from junior to the senior level, enjoyed the occasion thoroughly. Towards the end, a group song from Uttarakhand project enlivened the environment. No one wanted to leave for home. But a day that starts has to end also. Ms. Jaswant Kaur, Director CRM presented the vote of thanks and the function ended with National Anthem.

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