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Sangini – Breaking through the cultural taboos

An initiative to promote the use of sanitary pads for better health

by Ravi Pahuja  |  20-Jan-2021 Read More
Jump Up High, Clap your hands, to stay fit and fine

World Yoga Day Celebration at Deepalaya

by Ravi Pahuja  |  24-Nov-2017 Read More
38 performances mark Deepalaya’s 38th birthday

Foundation Day celebration at Deepalaya

by Ravi Pahuja  |  16-Dec-2017 Read More
NABARD Officials Visit Deepalaya SHG Project in Pataudi

Deepalaya collaborated with NABARD since 2009 for formation of SHGs and promoting self-reliance by e

by Ravi Pahuja  |  20-Jul-2018 Read More
Nurturing creativity: drawing and recitation competitions organized at Deepalaya’s Ramditti Learning Centre

Drawing and recitation competitions at Ramditti J R Narang Deepalaya Learning Centre

by Ravi Pahuja  |  17-Aug-2018 Read More
Australian High Commission Officials Interact With Students of Deepalaya Vocational Training Centre, Patel Garden

Australian High Commission visited Deepalaya computer training centre, Dwarka

by Ravi Pahuja  |  21-Sep-2018 Read More
Teacher Training Workshop and School Students’ visit to Children’s Home

Better Teachers for a Brighter Future: Teacher Training Workshops Conducted at Deepalaya

by Ravi Pahuja  |  20-Jan-2021 Read More
Day of Universal Hygiene for the Menstruation

28 May is the Day of Universal Hygiene for the Menstruation. Members of every sector come together e

by Ravi Pahuja  |  13-Jun-2020 Read More
Excellence Isn’t Achieved Alone!

A gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough w

by Ravi Pahuja  |  26-Sep-2017 Read More
Rohit Bal Supports the ‘Power Of Kiss’ Initiative

There should be safety of the girl child and every girl in India should get proper education was wh

by Ravi Pahuja  |  29-Jan-2021 Read More
The Struggle….

Honge kaamyaab, honge kaamyaab Hum honge kaamyaab ek din Ho ho mann main hai vishwas Poora hai vishw

by Ravi Pahuja  |  20-Jan-2021 Read More
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