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Nurturing creativity: drawing and recitation competitions organized at Deepalaya’s Ramditti Learning Centre

At Deepalaya, we do not believe in the “all study and no play” policy. Rather, we lay im

by Ravi Pahuja  |  19-Oct-2020 Read More
Shaping community leaders: introductory meeting to formulate Youth Group held at Deepalaya’s VTC Centre in Kakrola

A first-of-its-kind youth group meeting was conducted on 16th January, 2018 at Deepalaya’s VT

by Ravi Pahuja  |  19-Oct-2020 Read More
Deepalaya SHG Women Celebrate Women’s Day

Women’s Day Celebration at Deepalaya projects

by Ravi Pahuja  |  19-Oct-2020 Read More
Building employability: career counseling sessions conducted for Deepalaya VTC Dwarka students in collaboration with NIIT

A career counseling session for Deepalaya students conducted by NIIT in Dwarka

by Ravi Pahuja  |  31-Aug-2018 Read More
Deepalaya Vision Centre a community eye care initiative inaugurated in Delhi

The formal inauguration ceremony of a community eye care service instituted by Deepalaya in collabor

by Ravi Pahuja  |  07-Sep-2018 Read More
Expressions 2018: A mega show organized in Delhi for showcasing latent talent of children of Deepalaya

Expressions 2018 – an annual talent exhibition of Deepalaya children

by Ravi Pahuja  |  20-Dec-2018 Read More
NABARD and Deepalaya organize SHG training Workshop at Pataudi

Deepalaya collaborated with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development for formation of sel

by Ravi Pahuja  |  12-Oct-2018 Read More
The month of May has brought several activities and many achievements for Deepalaya

A month full of activities and achievements at Deepalaya– May 2018

by Ravi Pahuja  |  12-Oct-2018 Read More
Inspiring the Community in Favour of Education: Members of Deepalaya Youth Club Perform Street Play in Sanjay Colony

Youth Club of Deepalaya at Okhla performed street plays on the importance of education

by Ravi Pahuja  |  26-Oct-2018 Read More
Understanding the Nuances of Online Safety: Workshop on Cyber Crimes Conducted at Deepalaya VTC, Dwarka

To understand the Nuances of Online Safety a workshop on Cyber Crimes Conducted for VTC students

by Ravi Pahuja  |  26-Oct-2018 Read More
An investiture ceremony held at Deepalaya School, Gusbethi and awards distribution done at Sanjay Colony learning centre

Soar to Lead the Phoenix Way: Investiture Ceremony Held at Deepalaya School, Gusbethi

by Ravi Pahuja  |  15-Dec-2018 Read More
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