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Journey of man - From disabilities to disabilities

Last month, a report published by Ola Mobility Institute threw some light on the challenges that a p

by Jaswant Kaur  |  01-Dec-2021 Read More
Self defense training conducted for girls by Deepalaya under Project Wel netrutva in Sonipat

As per the latest report shared by National Commission for Women (NCW), there was a gradual increase

by Lakshmi  |  18-Nov-2021 Read More
Adding wings to the lives of women and girls

After years of responsibilities of family and children, now I am giving time to self-growth through

by Lakshmi  |  25-Oct-2021 Read More
Digital divide girls versus boys

More governments are now starting to see that economic recovery policies need to have women at their

by Jaswant Kaur  |  11-Oct-2021 Read More
Girl child project An oasis in an otherwise patriarchal world

Our teacher gives us difficult questions because we are better than the other students in the class

by Deepalaya  |  01-Oct-2021 Read More
Games children play Danger of losing a generation

The world health organisation (WHO) has listed “gaming disorder” as a disease in its list of “

by   |  18-Sep-2021 Read More
Non Formal Education; the way forward!

Over the last more than four decades, Deepalaya has adopted non-formal education as one of the tools

by   |  23-Aug-2021 Read More
Financial Aid Provided Under Mission Salamati 2

We have distributed more than 1000 kits so far. We distributed nutritious food kits to more than 500

by Tintumol Joseph  |  30-Jul-2021 Read More
Future of children - Report from ground zero

A few days ago, a report in the Times of India mentioned that around 2.5 lac children have dropped o

by Jaswant Kaur  |  11-Jun-2021 Read More
Autism is not a disease!

To help improve the quality of life of those with autism, World Autism Awareness Day was observed at

by Deepalaya  |  23-Apr-2021 Read More
A synonym for dignity and integrity

Had Mr Punnoose Thomas been alive, he would have been resting today after a very hectic 100th birthd

Mental Health and Education of Girls in Covid-19 times

Deepalaya is one of the NGOs which has undertaken several workshops during the lockdown period to pr

by Trishna Patnaik  |  09-Apr-2021 Read More
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