Annual Report 1982-1983

Annual Report 1982-1983

We have now 96 children in our school and 17 of them come from most unprivileged section of our society.

The year 1983 was a year of ups and downs  for the society nothing much to claim or nothing much  to be disheartened about. However the year ends with a hopeful note although towards the middle of the year the school programme was suspected to have suffered for want of suitable accommodation.

Deepalaya School

The school continues to function well and is becoming popular day by  day. The capable management of the Principal and the  efforts of  the teachers under her guidance enable the  school  maintain good standards.

The strength of the school for the academic year is given below:

Crèche 8 Teachers  6  including
the Principal
Nursery 50 Maid Servant 1
Kindergarten 16 Van driver 1
Class I 7 Office Assistant 1
Free School 17 Children using van 56
    Total  96


Due  to  lack of spacious accommodation it was not  possible  to begin  classes  upto  V although the management was  keen.  As  a result  of  this the strength in the school  has  not  increased appreciably. In fact some parents had to with draw their children to  admit them in other schools where classes upto ten  plus  two are  available. Unless facility for higher classes are  provided the school has to limit its scope within the nursery classes.

School Van

The school van was ready for use after building its body during the present  academic year. 56 children are regularly using  the  van and  has considerably improved the facility of transportation  of children to and fro the school. The liability of Rs.84,000/­  and  the  interest payable is being repaid to the bank @ Rs  3,000/­  per month. This was possible so far due to a grant received for the purpose from Movimento Svillupo E Pace Torino, Italy.

Annual Fete

The  annual  fete  in  aid of the school  was  conducted  on  6th November  1983.  A  sum of Rs  21,226.00  was  collected  through advertisements in the Souvenir, sale of entry tickets and  income from  the  stalls.

Present School Premises

Deepalaya  had  to  vacate  the  previous  premises  at  F   1197 Chittaranjan  Park  in May 1983 and it was an herculean  task  to locate  and  fix  an alternate premises.  The  services  of  some members   trying   to   find  a   suitable   accommodation   need appreciation. It was a happy coincidence that an owner of a house close by the previous accommodation  offered his premises (F 1174, Chittaranjan   Park)  on  condition  that  the   society   advance sufficient funds (Rs 30,000) to complete the pending civil  works of the building.  Having no other alternative, the society agreed and it was fortunate that temporary loans from members especially the President  of the society was forthcoming. At the same  time, the grant received from Movimento Svillupo E Pace Torino,  Italy came very handy and timely to repay the loans taken for finishing the  works of the premises and also pay back installments  in  the bank towards the loan taken for the van.

The  need for another spacious premises is absolutely  essential, if  the school has to expand atleast upto  class V in the  coming academic year. This requires serious consideration.

Free School

The  social  policy and commitment of Deepalaya, prompted  it  to prevail  on  the moral responsibility of it towards  children  of weaker  sections.  The  society is happy to report  that  a  free school was started in September 1983 onwards and presently  there are  17 students, who are looked after by a separate teacher  and are given equal attention, care and love. In the strict sense  it is not a free school, but only a sum of Rs 5/­ is collected  from each student, so as to maintain interest and seriousness in their studies. In return of this Rs 5/­ it is planned to provide  dress etc.  The scope of increasing the number in this school  is  also quite  good and this will also demand a spacious school  premises or another accommodation to be hired exclusively for the same.

The Van Project

Towards  the  middle of 1982, a project proposal  was  submitted, requesting a grant of Rs 1,00,000.00 for the school van  from Mr. Giovanni Ermiglia, representative in India of Movimento  Svillupo E  Pace, Torino, Italy. Mr. Giovanni Ermiglia was  very  gracious and  promptly  recommended the cause for a grant from MSP, Italy. A sum of Rs 46,138/­ equivalent to  Lit.70,00,000 was received on 10.8.1983.  This grant was very timely and handy to pay  for  the civil  works  amounting  to Rs 30,000/­  of  the  present  school premises.  The  school  van had to be  taken  delivery  prior  to receipt  of  the grant with the help of a loan from  the  Federal Bank  Ltd.,  New Delhi. This grant has also helped to  repay  the loan installments of the bank towards the van, as the income  from the  van  hiring to students bring barely enough  to maintain  the van.
The  society and the members record their heartfelt  appreciation and gratefulness to Movimento Svillupo E Pace, especially to  Mr. Giovanni  Ermiglia  for his concern for children  and  his  large heartiness  in  recommending the project to MSP, Italy, for  the timely grant. This grant also enabled us to conduct a free school for  17  children who are the most needy and  deserving  and  who belong to weaker sections.

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