A Close Look at Mental Health, the Puppetry Way

Puppet shows are a great way to connect with children and teach them to respond appropriately in certain social circumstances. Deepalaya has recently collaborated with “It’s Ok to Talk” (a mental health public engagement initiative by Sangath that runs in partnership with Harvard Medical School) to conduct a series of puppet shows on “mental health awareness” at its various projects on 20th November, 2018 and 22nd November, 2018 at Sanjay Colony and Gole Kuan respectively.

A puppet show on mentla health awareness was conducted at Deepalaya learning centers by Sangath in partnership with Harvard Medical School.

The team from Sangath presented a story of three friends and their encounters with the teacher and parents. One of these children needed help as he was going through a stressed patch of time. It was displayed how his teacher and parents helped him to meet a counselor, talk about his problem and hence move towards resolving the issues.

This was followed by an interactive sessions for students studying in the remedial classes with one of the counsellors Ms. Pallavi. The counselor spoke about the kind of mental stress the students or youngsters usually go through. She urged them to open up in front of parents/teachers and share their problems.

The puppet shows reiterated the message — “the lesser the stress, the longer and happier is the journey of life”. Towards the end, a booklet “Asha aur Ravi ki Man ki Baat” was given to all the participants.

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