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Nutritious food for Kids by Soubhagya Nirmalam Foundation (SNF)

‘Zero hunger’ is one of the major sustainable development goals (SDG) for 2030 to achieve sustainability. The majority of the world’s hungry people live in developing countries, where 12.9 per cent of the population is undernourished.

Food by SNF

Ramditti J. R. Narang Deepalaya Learning Centre is working primarily in the education sector for underprivileged kids, coming from nearby ‘Kabari Basti’ and Jagdamba camp area. These kids have limited access to nutritious food. Importance of healthy food for growing kids is immense. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote your overall health.  However, this knowledge is limited among the community people as consumption of cheap junk food is on the rise. That’s why Deepalaya conducts awareness sessions with the mothers of these kids from time to time.

Children having meal provided by Soubhagya Nirmalam Foundation

Good news is that our well-wisher and sponsor Soubhagya Nirmalam Foundation (SNF) came forward to provide nutritious refreshments to these children. Food Distribution Scheme by SNF started almost two years back after a meeting between the members of Deepalaya – Mr A.J. Philip (Secretary & CE of Deepalaya), Dr. (Mrs.) Sangita Sen (Headmistress, RJRND), Mrs Asha Narang (on behalf of Ramditti J R Narang Trust) and the members as well as trustees of SNF (Mrs. P. Santha Devi, Dr A. Kamala Devi, Mrs M. Akhilandeswari, late Mrs Gulati and Dr Faye Farmer). The founder father of this organization late Sri Nirmalam (Ajjarapu Venkata Rao) worked as a superintendent in CTRI, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.

This foundation has been set up to pursue certain objectives including girl’s education for which late Sri Nirmalam lived and worked for in the period 1918-1991. He always advocated that every person should contribute to society. He authored many books, mainly to inculcate moral values among the readers. Mrs Shanta Sastri and Dr Faye Farmer of SNF are actively involved in providing nutritious food (bread, milk, fruits, biscuits etc) frequently among the girls of the basic remedial unit of RJRND. Additionally, they also have regular health care programme for students, at the Balananda Health Clinic (a unit from SNF inside RJRND).

Dr Faye Farmer with Deepalaya children at Ramditti JR Narang Deeplaaya Learning Centre

Recently on November 18, 2019, one of the trustees Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna, sponsored meal among the children in the morning section (LKG to class II) on the occasion of their marriage anniversary. In the memory of her husband late Prof. J. Lakshminarayana, SNF is providing a meal every month for all morning section children since last June. They distributed Rajma Chawal and banana for children of the remedial unit too including the staff.

Meals sponsored by Proj. J. Vijaya Ratna, on the occasion of their marriage anniversary.

Late Prof. Lakshminarayana visited our learning centre last year on 24 December. He enjoyed our Christmas celebration very much. May his soul, rest in peace.

American Express invited Deepalaya School Kids at their office

Deepalaya, one of the largest operational NGO in Delhi, was established in 1979 and registered as a society in 1980. To accomplish our vision of building an equitable society and enabling self-reliance, we have set up several projects and programmes across Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand and U.P.

  Students from Deepalaya School Gusbethi, Haryana with American Express staff at theri office

 Deepalaya has been lucky for so many things and this time it’s our pleasure to share with you all that our students from Gusbethi visited to the three offices of American Express Gurugram on November 19, 2019. American Express believes that serving our communities is not only integral to running a business successfully; it is part of our individual responsibilities as citizens of the world.

AMEX employees distributed gifts to Deepalaya children

The event was started with a warm welcome by the employees of American Express and followed by giving the introduction and overview about Deepalaya by our beloved Executive Director, Mrs Jaswant Kaur and principal, Dr Manoj Kumar. A detailed introduction about Deepalaya School Gusbethi was given in which he explained the work of Deepalaya Gusbethi, how they are benefitting the underprivileged people of the Mewat district in Haryana.

And then event moved ahead on different activities performed by the students as once in a year American Express invites the students to showcase their talent to the people who are unaware and our students rocked it. A skit was presented about a girl’s life; it revolved around a life, where she was disowned by her father, simply because she was a girl. Thirty years after, he is operated for cataract by his own daughter. It took thirty-odd years for a father to realize the importance of girls. That’s how Deeplaya is making a difference in the lives of many kids. The story also showcased the activities of Deepalaya and how it is bringing change in many lives while stressing on girl child education.

Deepalaya children from Gusbethi school presenting skit in front of American Express staff

 Other performance was on to motivate everyone present at the event, a group of boys and girls presented a dance performance on ‘Kar har maidan Fateh’.

After that, an interesting story were told by two of the students from primary and middle section of the school, what were the challenges they faced to reach here and how Deepalaya helped them to overcome from those challenges.

DSG students having food at American Express office in Gurgaon, Haryana

The continuous support by the employees of American Express made this event a more successful as they were very supportive throughout the event and motivated the students along with distributing the gifts to the students and the whole team of Deepalaya.

The students loved the quality time they spent with the staff of American Express and hoping to study hard and will start creating a vision for their life and career.



Children’s day celebration with Amway

Children’s day in our country is celebrated on 14th November on the occasion of our Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. There are lots of things we can talk on Pt. Nehru and his affection towards children.

Deepalaya children from South Delhi Learning Centre presenting cultural dance performances on their favourite songs.


Deepalaya celebrated Children’s day in almost all centres. This day is just not about giving gifts to children, organizing events but also about making them realize their contribution to nation-building. It is also about giving them sufficient opportunity to open their wings and fly high to achieve their goals.

The special highlight of this year’s children’s day was, we celebrated the day with Amway, as the exhibition was organized for this special day. The event hall was decorated with lots of creative things, just to the perspective of children. To make this day more special, our students from Sanjay Colony Learning Centre were invited to the Amway office to celebrate this auspicious day with their employees.

The event started with a warm welcome by Ms Parul Gupta, a CSR Head of Amway, where she introduced Deepalaya with the employees of AMWAY and appreciated the efforts of whole staff for organizing it. The event followed by a speech by our beloved director Mrs Jaswant Kaur. She spoke about the impact that Deepalaya has created over these years with the support of Amway. She praised the staff of the centre (Sanjay Colony) and the kind of work they are doing to help each and every child. The children exhibited different models on Math’s, Science and even History. The staff applauded their efforts and beautiful cultural performances.

Deepalaya children receiving gifts from Amway staff

Our students gave different types of dance performances like on Punjabi folk dance. A group of senior girls presented a skit on “Say no to Plastic”, targeting the current situation in Delhi as Plastic bags are harmful not only to our health but also to our environment. They are one of the main causes of pollution in the environment. The 30-minute-long skit was filled with songs, group dance, voice-overs and brilliant stage acting by the students of the Sanjay Colony Learning centre.

Cake ceremony was also organized in which they distributed the gifts students asked for through their wish list, which included sports items, books, and comics and so on.

Chief Executive of Amway celebrating children's day with Deepalaya kids along with Amway staff members

The event was concluded with a speech by the CEO of Amway, where he discussed the significance of children’s day and shares some important glimpse between Deepalaya and Amway.

The exhibition proved very useful for everyone and was followed by lunch and internal networking.




Western Union Collaborates with Deepalaya

We all need some kind of appreciation in our life for what we are doing and so October 22, 2019, was not just a normal day but a memorable moment for Deepalaya learning centre, Panchsheel Vihar, as Western Union collaborated with Deeplaya as a new CSR partner and appreciated the work Deepalaya is doing.

Western Union is a global financial service and communications company in the united states, its headquarter is located in Denver, Colorado, has become a new CSR partner of Deeplaya to enhance the vision of the organization by supporting the Deepalaya Learning Centre in Panchsheel Vihar, New Delhi. 

A big event was organized to celebrate this day, to welcome the team ‘Western Union’ at our centre. The chief guest for the day was Hikmet Ersek, President & CEO of Western Union, a Fortune 500 global leader in cross-border money transfers and payment services for digital and retail. Another chief guest was Ms Nicole Vogrin, Chief Corporate Affairs and Communication Officer, Ms Sohini Rajola, head of network-APAC & Middle East.

Our beloved board member Mr Sakhi John of Deepalaya Learning Centre welcomed the team with traditional Aarti and Tilak and by the lighting of the lamp by all the delegates from Western Union.

The main aim of the event was to interact with the students and the staffs of Deepalaya to get on a podium where students of the Deepalaya community had the opportunity to showcase their talent and share ideas, points of view.

 This partnership will not only help the disadvantaged student but also will make them able to compete with the world by helping them in education. They are given equal opportunities and sufficiently empowered to live their own dreams.

The prize distribution ceremony was also organized to felicitate the students for making traditional Diyas for the occasion of Deepawali. Also with a vote of thanks which was delivered by our beloved Head Mistress Mrs Sangeeta Sen, who thanked everyone at the event for their constant help in whatever way they could.

The event was a huge success and concluded with a rally for promoting an environment-friendly Deepawali in the Panchsheel Vihar community.







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