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Session on Road Safety at Project Parivartan in Punjab

Understanding the issue of road traffic incidents are a major public health issue is very relevant. When road safety devices are used correctly and effectively, they can help save lives, avoid accidents and injuries and ensure the most effective functioning of a community.

A session on road safety organised by Deepalaya Project Parivartan in Mohali, Punjab.

At Deepalaya, since our inception, the focus on health and safety has been a priority for us. A session on Road Safety conducted at Deepalaya adopted Govt. High School, Phase-5, Mohali, Punjab on October 23, 2019.  The theme of the session was “One step ahead for safer roads”. The session was given by the head students of the school, “Head boy Anand Kumar and Head girl Sadia”, and session was attended by the students of class 9th and 10th.

Headboy of the Govt. High School in Mohali, Punjab giving session on Road Safety in teenagers

The session included Debate, Discussion and most important information about the Road Safety.  The session started by asking the students ‘what are the general rules of road safety’ and write down it on your notebooks. Then session was moved to the introductory short videos on Road Safety by Head Boy and Head Girl. The participants showed deep interest in the session by asking so many valid questions on the topic, like:

  • What are the basic functions of Traffic Signs?
  • Is the road safety also a cause of death among teens?
  • Do people actually follow the rules of the sign when they see it?

Anand and Sadia gave a bit of special advice and a word of caution for adolescents, added, teen’s crash most often because they are inexperienced, contrary to popular belief. They strive to identify traffic differences, drive the right speed for conditions, and, among other things, turn safely.

Headgirl of the Govt. High School in Mohali, Punjab giving session on Road Safety in teenagers

The idea of the session was to make students aware that drive safely can be a very nerve-wracking thing for everyone involved. However, keep these things in mind you will be a great driver at all time. You play a key role in teaching society to be safe on the road, even no one is around with them in the car. Limit distractions, practice defensive driving and ensure that the speed limits are taken into account. By teaching society you will not only make the roads safer for yourself, but also for everyone else.

Ms Amandeep and Ms Amol from project Parivartan made the session more interesting by showing them interesting animated videos and telling them to do’s and don’ts for safer driving and some important extremities of good behaviour in their life.

After seeing the huge interest of the students, it was discussed that more sessions can be given to the students on the same topic as we all know that half of all teens are involved in a car crash before graduating from high school. 

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