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Honoring the guiding force-our teachers

Teachers day celebration at Deepalaya

Teachers’ day was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in all the schools and learning centers. The students prepared cards for their teachers and dedicated songs. Here are a few snippets:

Deepalaya learning Center, Gole Kuan:

At DLCGK students celebrated Teachers’ Day on 5th September. Students delivered speech on Teacher’s Day by remembering Dr Sarvapalli  Radhakrishnan, the great philosopher, Scholar and 2nd president of Independent India.  They recited poems, narrated speeches (both in Hindi/English) dedicated for their teachers & their contribution towards our society. Archana, a class IInd student, told what does a teacher mean to the students, which was really appreciable. The students showed a lot of respect to their teachers.  Teachers were very happy by listening the inspirational song, “Humko man ki shakti dena,“Itni Shakti Hame Dena Data” sung by the students.

To encourage their spirit & to respect their enthusiasm, teachers also sang an inspirational song “Ao Bachch tumhe dikhaye jhanki Hindustan ki”. The celebration was held both in morning/afternoon shift. Students prepared charts by using inspirational quotes on teachers. They made us proud & happy by presenting beautiful greeting cards. Small Kids also remembered the day & paid tribute to their teachers by singing songs with their teachers. Teachers distributed toffees among the kids. Teachers were felicitated with pens & chocolate by the students. It was a proud moment for all the teachers.

Teachers Day celebrated at Deepalaya Learning Centre

Deepalaya Learning Center, Sanjay Colony:

The Learning Center was vibrant with the excited children on 5th September. The children wanted to express their love and  respect for their teachers. A cultural program was organised by the children. Even the compering was done by Rohit student of class IX. There were several dances, songs and talks on the significance of the day. Young children recited poems on teachers.

The teachers reflected on their achievements and failures after all “Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things”

After the cultural program was over and the children went home, all the staff of the different projects of Deepalaya in Sanjay Colony – Learning Center, Vocational Center, Health, FADA and Special unit –  got together to celebrate the day with a samosa party. It was a day to be remembered and cherished – signifying unity and the ability to touch lives and shape them . 

The day had a special flavour as Mr. Sakhi John — one of Deepalaya’s  Board Members – visited the center with his professor from Jamia Hamdard Prof. Ali Firdausi. He was taken for a tour of all the projects. In the visitors book he penned down these lines “Great to see the wonderful service for the community at this center. Dealing with Challenged kids is not easy but it is being done here with a lot of fun and joy”

Ramditti J. R. Narang Deepalaya Learning Centre

At Sheikh Sarai hosted a week-long Teachers’ Day celebration with the teachers and students. The celebration was dedicated to late Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second President of India whose birthday is celebrated on Teachers’ Day.

Teachers Day celebration held at RJRND Learning Centre


A day well spent with the mothers

Nutrition Camp at SDMC

Mother is lifeline of the entire family. Hence a well-educated and well-informed mother shall make every effort to keep disease away. In view of this, a nutrition camp was organized on 24th August for the mothers of children enrolled at Deepalaya SDMC School, Okhla water sewage treatment plant. As the camp is conducted every month, some women in the nearby locality also come in the school to attend the informative session. The idea is to promote low cost nutrition amongst these women. Ms. Nonita Aggarwal informed the women how they can make their day-to-day food interesting so that the children are motivated to eat food cooked at home instead of the unhealthy outside food. The importance of different nutrients and specially protein was discussed along with the rich sources and deficiency diseases.

Mothers preparing delicious food during the nutrition camp conducted by Deepalaya at SDMC School

Thereafter, the women were asked to cut vegetables like beans, carrot etc. for preparing Paushtik Cheela and Meethi Lassi. The women were thereafter served the hot cheela with lassi.

Everyone relished the nutritious dishes. Most of them agreed that these recipes are neither costly nor difficult to make, therefore they found them do able at home. Some of them said that they could never imagine that they can add any other vegetable in cheela apart from onions which they usually do.

The occasion was also used to burst certain myths about menstrual hygiene. They were informed about healthy menstrual practices. Some of them found the information very useful. ‘Sangini ‘sanitary napkin, a product from Deepalaya supported Umang SHG group was also introduced during the session. They were also told that these products are more skin friendly and comfortable than most of the other products available in the market.

They were also given the option of income generation where they earn profit by selling the Sangini sanitary napkins. Towards the end of the session, they were given one packet of peanuts, a copy of the recipe and one packet of napkin each.

A message of love, empathy and encouragement from NetEnt

NETENT and Deepalaya spreading happiness amongst youth

Twenty five students enrolled in Dwarka VTC will never forget 22nd day of August when they finally met their sponsor parents from Sweden. They had never ever chatted with a foreigner. And most of the girls had never stepped out of the area they live in.  They had never imagined that they would be so wanted.

Children who had never seen a computer, forget touching it were enrolled in the centre, thanks to NetEnt, who agreed to sponsor the computer education of these children. The company was introduced to Deepalaya by Nagarro, a Gurgaon-based software solution company. Ever since, the team got in touch with us they were very enthusiastic to meet the children whom they have sponsored.

Finally, the much-awaited day arrived when the Chief Executive of NETENT, Mr.  Per Eriksson alongwith his two colleagues — Asa Bredin and Pontus Johnsson — and a few representatives from Nagarro visited Deepalaya Sanjay Colony on 22nd August 2017.

Beneficiaries of Deepalaya Vocational Training centre, Dwarka at Okhla learning centre

NETENT is the world’s largest gaming software company with its headquarters in Sweden and a strong arm in Malta.  The visitors were given a traditional welcome with two little girls from the Center applying tika on their forehead. They were then escorted to the library, where Mr. A J Philip, Secretary & Chief Executive, Ms. Jaswant Kaur, Director CRM and Ms. Shikha Pal, Manager Education briefed the team about Deepalaya and how their support will help these children in marching towards self-reliance.

After the discussion, they went around the centre and visited every classroom. Since they had come for a short trip and could not spare much time to visit Dwarka, all the 25 students were brought to Sanjay Colony.

While interacting with the students Mr. Eriksson was surprised to know that many of them had not even touched computers before they enrolled themselves for the six-month course. They wished luck to the children and motivated them.

Mr. Eriksson hoped that some of them would become entrepreneurs in information technology. The team brought a large quantity of chocolates, biscuits and toffees for all the children, which was distributed to all children enrolled in different programs.

This is what Per Eriksson wrote in the visitors’ book “Thank you so much for showing us around your school. You show fantastic passion around education that I really admire. We’re proud to be sponsoring you”

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