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A Drop in the Bucket!

It is rightly said that “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”. This is what the 9 year old Siddhant Suri Dhawan did when he decided to donate all his piggy bank savings to Deepalaya. Mrs. Priya Suri, the mother of adorable Master Siddhant stated that “It was during our visit to India last year that he had picked up one of the brochures of Deepalaya placed in a donation box in a shop and read it thoroughly. He later browsed at the website of the organization and was completely moved by their work. Ever since that day he has been curious to get associated with the cause of Deepalaya.” All this while the non- profit organization has been working for the issues related to the underprivileged children. This was the first time when a child did the outstanding work by taking an initiative to bring about a change for his not so privileged peers. “I was touched by the work of the organization, so I encouraged my friends here in Sultanate of Oman, towards the work of the organization which in turn made them to contribute further,” commented the doozy child Siddhant. “I hope and pray that he goes a long way with his caring nature. He wishes to volunteer for Deepalaya and teach some students in the near future,” commented Dr. Sonya Suri, Aunt of Siddhant. One of the best things parents can do is to give their children moral values, values of caring & sharing. The entire Team of Deepalaya congratulates the efforts of Mr. & Ms. Dhawan for instilling such values in Siddhant and making him realize his responsibilities as a member of the society-the responsibilities that most of us close the eyes to. After all, it is not what we take, but what we give that matters the most! Send feedback to ravipahuja@deepalaya.org By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Communications

Prevention is better than cure!

The saying goes that “Prevention is better than Cure” and speaks volumes on how it is better to prevent ourselves from falling ill rather than suffering from a disease and then seeking a cure for it.In this context, Deepalaya’s Corporate partner Amway Opportunity Foundation (AOF)organized a two day Eye screening Camp last week at Ramditti J .R. Narang Deepalaya School and Deepalaya School, Gole Kuan). The camp was inaugurated by Mr. Ajith Kumar Jain, IRS, Additional Commissioner – Income Tax). The camp saw a turn out of around 975 beneficiaries which included parents too. The screening team comprised of a team of 10 doctors from the Mahavir International. The camp was an initiative to provide preventive eye care to the students from both schools. The teachers were trained on various steps to help identify vision related problems at the initial stages itself. Commenting on this noble initiative, Mr. William S Pinckney, Chairman – AOF said, “Eye is the most essential part of our body and to see this beautiful world one needs to have an effective vision. We are fortunate enough to be of some help for these needy children by providing them eye check-ups which is a modest step towards the betterment of their lives. “ Experienced doctors conducted the sessions on preventive eye care and provided the best of solutions to the children who were suffering from different problems. Deepalaya expresses its gratitude towards AOF for organizing the camp. Send feedback to ravi By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Communications

Thanks Maa & Paa…

The famous American novelist, Chuck Palahniuk rightly said, “Your parents give you your life, but then they try to give you their life.” Nothing more on earth describes the essence of parenthood so explicitly. It is in this very saying that the gamut of the idea of parenting rests in and to salute this, Deepalaya School, Sanjay Colony celebrated THE PARENTS DAY on Friday, the 23rd July, 2010 with full gusto.

“I love you maa and paa, even if you scold me, I know it is for my good. You have given me all the happiness in the world- Thank you!” said Alka to her mother and father. Rekha, mother of Alka who is working with Deepalaya as a Non- Formal Education teacher was all in tears with her daughter’s words and said, “This organization believes in the philosophy of Seekho and Sikhao and this day has definitely touched and taught me about the essence of parent and child relationship.” The School dedicated the day to the parents and they were the Chief Guest for the day.

“The School is celebrating this day for the first time but there is a provision for Best Parent Award which is usually given during the Annual Day. We try to involve the parents in all school picnics, excursions and various activities. For us, everyday is a Parents’ Day,” commented Ms Monideepa Roy Choudhary, Principal of Deepalaya School, Sanjay Colony.

Besides the power-packed performances by the children, the students also expressed gratitude to their parents by making cards for them. The class teachers presented a small gift to the parents, whom they felt were involved thoroughly with their child’s performance, along with a note of appreciation for them. Ms Uma Das, class teacher of VIIIth class gifted a lipstick and a pen to one of students’ parents on the day (see photo). It was indeed a fun-filled yet emotional day for everybody present on that occasion.

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By- Pooja Sikka, Officer Communications

Toast to the School Days…

 The memories of a class-room full of friends,the songs,love stories, the lunch hour and much more became afresh when the Alumni students of Deepalaya came back to their school last week as a part of Deepalaya’s Alumni Association. The day had a mix of both fresh pass-outs and old ones who are working at eminent places. The school had invited the latter group to counsel their juniors regarding the careers options available for the former. It was completely an interactive session and the students openly asked questions related to courses available, institutes, jobs available and scope of the same. Few years back, Anand Prakash knew that he had a keen interest in Music but like others he too thought of going forward with an academic course after his Schooling. The teachers at Deepalaya guided him that he can pursue even music as an area of specialization. Now he is in the final semester at Gandharv Mahavidyalaya learning classical music. In school, he had won many awards and now he aims to make it big in the Indian music industry. Similar was the case when twenty year old Sadhna spoke to her juniors about Merchandizing. It was the first time the group had heard of merchandising as a career option. It was interesting to see how she explained the work of a merchandiser and opened up yet another door for the students. She is pursuing her course from Advanced Training Designing Centre. The day had many more students coming up and sharing their experiences which definitely inspired many. The aura was energetic with the achievers explaining their journey to the achievers in the making. By the end of the day, they all believed that life is truly a challenge but if you face it courageously with a thought and wish, you will definitely emerge as a winner. They expressed their gratitude towards the organization saying that it is one such organization which works for the needy providing them maximum opportunities to explore their talent for a better future. It helps them decide their aim and encourages to be focused to achieve the niche of their dreams. And if we explain in the words of Neeraj, he just had to say, “DEEPALAYA is the best.” Send feedback to ravipahuja@deepalaya.org By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Communications

Releasing the “PERCEPTIONS”!

A brilliant effort is most often supplicated with an acknowledgement. Martyrdom on the border is endowed with salutes and honorary air-fire, a child scoring good marks is rewarded with medals and trophies, a stupendous cover drive by a cricketer receives applause and hoots, a fine dance performance by a famous celebrity is lauded with whistles, and such is the story of Deepalaya which is gratified to have won the glorious testimony of people who rest their faith in its visionary work. On 7th July, 2010 the High Commissioner to India; Australian High Commission,His Excellency Mr. Peter N. Varghese released PERCEPTIONS- a booklet which includes the testimony of many of the organization’s well- wishers. After releasing the booklet, while addressing the Deepalaya family and various guests, the Australian High Commissioner said that, “the booklet signifies the amount of commitment by the people associated with the organization. Here, I am representing my country Australia and would like to strengthen the bond with the organization too. There is enormous talent that resides in India and it is very important to realize this talent. The various performances by the students of Deepalaya is a terrific example of the same.” He further added that, “While flipping through some of the pages of the booklet, two things struck me- Genuine commitment from top management to down and second are the stories of change and transformation brought by the organization.” He was completely awe-struck after witnessing the performances by the students from the four Schools of Deepalaya (Kalkaji Extension, Sanjay Colony, Gole Kuan and Ramditi J.R.Narang) and commented that, “Education is the connecting thread to everything we do in life.” The students performed with full zeal and confidence on hip hop and jazz dance, tiny-tots on ketchup song, alumni students performed Bharatnatyam dance. Apart from this, the day had the Choral group singing many melodious English songs.Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Sudha Parthasarthy, Executive Director elaborated on the journey of the entire booklet. She said,” the reviews received are through the 2009 Indya Shine Awards (Great Nonprofits). Winning or loosing is of no significance, as long as we get the support of socially awakened people around us. We at Deepalaya are highly enthralled and motivated by the response. The appreciation and suggestions has enabled us to strive harder.” This day was possible only because of the love and care that the well-wishers of the organization have showered on through their reviews. The organization is thankful to all those who have been associated with Deepalaya! Send feedback to ravipahuja@deepalaya.org By- Pooja Sikka, Officer- Communications

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