December 3, 2010

‘I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist, but a possibilist.’

These famous words by Max Lerner are so apt at describing the vast world of opportunities and possibilities which exists for the differently-abled people. We at Deepalaya echo the sentiment and believe in giving our differently-abled students every possible avenue to develop and evolve into responsible and successful citizens of tomorrow.

Each day is a special day for our children and this year, the World Disability Day was celebrated at Deepalaya Special Unit by organizing a Sports Day which was attended by the students, staff, parents, trainees from Huawei and Deepalaya alumni. The strength of students attending was 69 which is a good turnout and is reflective of their optimism. The program started with a prayer and the National Anthem. The students were then grouped according to their abilities and a thrilling session of bocce and cricket ensued which was full of thrills and heart stopping moments. Later, prizes were distributed and refreshments were served.

The students enjoyed every moment and the parents were most appreciative of the event as well as the feeling of joy it gave their children. Infact, the parents expressed their desire to be part of such events in the future as well and want such sports events organized more frequently. Such activities which involve the families of the differently–abled children are extremely beneficial and go a long way in encouraging tolerant and positive attitude towards them which subsequently facilitates their mainstreaming in the community and society at large

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