Vodafone helps Deepalayans become responsible world citizens.

We all know that fuel is a non-renewable resource, that plastic harms the environment and that the forest area in the world is slowly but surely dwindling. However, how many of us leave the lights on when we’re exiting a room? Do we even think twice before using fresh paper when we could’ve easily made do with old or recycled paper?

The children at Deepalaya may come from the slums and might not be privy to the luxuries of the privileged, but now thanks to Vodafone, the do know about the importance of caring for the environment and about the dangers of global warming.

On September 4th, Vodafone and Deepalaya organized a workshop for the children studying at our Sanjay Colony School. The team from Vodafone enriched the students by telling them useful tips and tricks on how to save electricity, water and paper. To ensure that the message reached the students, they prepared a series of colorful charts and constantly engaged the little ones in question and answers.

All in all, the following lessons were imparted during the course of the workshop –Vodafone helps Deepalaya mold its students into responsible world citizens

  • Not to tear pages from their note books and books
  • To use a bucket of water while bathing and not use showers
  • To turn off electric switches of fans lights when not in use
  • To use less of plastic
  • To not litter the surroundings.
  • To plant trees and not cut them


While giving their presentation, the volunteers were constantly surprised by the amount of awareness displayed by the students. Ritu, one of the volunteers, was particularly impressed and confessed that she probably wasn’t as environment conscious as the students when she was their age.

However, it wasn’t the volunteers only who were taken by surprise. They managed to turn the tables on the children when they presented each child with a carry bag, pencil pouches and other stationery. The smiles on the faces of the children were truly a sight to behold.

A Deepalaya student at our Sanjay Colony campus in Delhi proudly showing his gift from Vodafone to the cameraAs the day’s activity winded down, the teachers made sure to ask the students how they’d implement the things that they learned once they got home. This is what they had to say –

“I will switch off the lights at home and in school when there is no one in the room” – Snighda, class II

“I will use less water for bathing” – Ravi, class V

“I will tell my father to turn his scooter off at the red light” – Akash, class I

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