Towards building an inclusive society

Nukkad-Nataks to identify kids with special needs

In order to increase the enrolment of special kids at Sambhav Project and make people aware about different disabilities and breakthrough different myths that are associated with disability, Deepalaya collaborated with Munch society team on 28th August, 2017. The team marched towards Lal Kuan and Madanpur Khadar where a joint Nukkar-natak was conducted.

Nukkad Nataks to indentify differently-abled kids

A short story was acted through the nukkar-natak.  The story revolved around a wealthy king who had two disabled children and a helpless wife. One day suddenly a well-wisher comes to his kingdom and old that his kingdom is not the best. He is not a benevolent king even after having abundant wealth and despite the fact there is not even a single man who is poor or unemployed. The King after hearing so was rude to the well-wisher and ordered him to be hanged till death. After hearing the order, the king’s ministers also supported the well-wisher. Surprisingly, the king asked why the citizens are unhappy. The well-wisher spoke that four out of hundred people in your kingdom are born with disability or become disabled by accident. “There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see the problems of these disabled”. After listening to this problem the king too realized that there is definitely a special need for the disabled and a society or a kingdom will be only prosperous with an inclusive vision.

The skit had a number of elements that conveyed the message that Disability is not a curse for the society rather rejecting them retards the growth of the society and it won’t be an inclusive growth. While the Nukkar natak was in progress, our team started collecting information from the people. We were able to find 15 new cases, which made our effort a huge success.

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