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"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." Arthur :- Ashe

Stories that inspire us
Mohit The mask Man

One of the worst things that happened to millions of people during this pandemic was joblessness. If there are stressful stories of loss, depression and even suicide, there are also many which tell

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The story of Shahrukh Khan

We might be familiar with the name Shahrukh Khan, the renowned Bollywood hero. However, Deepalaya has its own star with the same name.

Shahrukh was enrolled in Deepalaya School, Gusbethi

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Shanti Devi

Sixty-year old Shanti Devi comes from a remote village Kirori was suffering from eye cataract problems in both eyes since last two years. Her husband is 65 year old and gets only Rs. 1500 monthly a

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