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When we proposed to enroll 30 out of school girls for ASHA project at our learning center at Panchsheel Enclave, the biggest hurdle was to have a survey done in the shortest possible time. Even though, Ramditti J R Social workers of Deepalaya conducting surveys for new project for girl child ASHANarang Deepalaya School has been converted into a learning center, the teachers working thereat do not have much experience of mobilizing the community and enrolling students for such a programme. Considering the name and presence of Deepalaya in the community for more than 15 years, people enroll their children in the school. At no point of time, the teachers approached the community, conducted door-to-door surveys and dealt with a class having a mixed age-group with different learning skills.

Deepalaya staff conducting surveys in slum community near Panchsheel Vihar.In view of this, it was decided to make it a collaborative effort, where staff from FADA, VTC and DCDP (GRC) came together and interacted with people to identify girls who have never been to school. Deepalaya Surveyors filing up forms in RJRND Learning Centre, Panchsheel ViharPamphlets and brochures were distributed to the people to create awareness about the vocational training center also. The areas covered included- Jagdamba Camp, Panchsheel Vihar and Khirki extension.

Simultaneously, a list was prepared with details of prospective students. The staff also followed up with them later on to enroll their daughters. The local community showed good response. The project was launched from 15th December with Ms. Jyoti shouldering the responsibility of educating the girls.

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