Ravi - Embracing self-reliance

Ravi was only 6-years old when he lost his father. His mother, though an educated woman, was a homemaker. Ravi is reading book in library in Deepalaya School Kalkaji ExtensionGoing by the family tradition, his father never allowed her to work after marriage. When his father died, it became all-the-more difficult for her to find a job to serve Ravi and his little sister. Finally, she landed up in an export house and started cutting threads and was paid on piece rate basis. However, the compensation was a pittance compared to the kind of money required for educating the kids. Somehow she managed to educate Ravi till 5th in a private school and enrolled his sister in a government school but then the school shifted to a different place. It was difficult to afford the to and fro expenses.

Long Live Deepalaya

Founder's Day Celebration at Deepalaya School Kalkaji ExtensionIt was a day which was long awaited, a day yearned for by everyone forming part of Deepalaya Parivar. Of all the days, one day that is special is the Deepalaya foundation day. It is a day when everyone pays their obeisance to the special 7 who came together with their hard-earned money of Rs. 2500/- and united for a cause that would one day evolve into a people’s organization. 36 years on, Deepalaya – the abode of light -- is growing and glowing every day with a never-say-die spirit of serving the community.





Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya