Deepalaya and Oriflame, igniting the minds of the underprivileged.

For us at Deepalaya, November has always been the month of rebirth and new beginnings. It’s the monthOriflame MD works with underprivileged children when partnerships are forged and existing relationships are strengthened. This year was no exception. Oriflame and Deepalaya joined hands in 2006 to combine their resources and grassroot-level knowledge to bring the light of education to the lives of underprivleged girls in Delhi and NCR. Today, six years later, what started as a fledgling bond, has blossomed into something magical with more than two hundred girls having been mainstreamed into formal schools.


Children’s Day made even more special by Amway.

For an organisation that focuses on educating underprivileged children, Children’s Day isChildren welcoming guests understandably one of the most important days of the year. It’s a day when the kids can break away from the daily grind of course work and display their talents in arts, music and dance for everyone to see. This 14th November, however, was made even more special because it was the 10 year anniversary of Deepalaya’s association with one of its most valued sponsor, Amway.

The celebration was held at the DSKE auditorium and the day started with the students of Deepalaya School Sanjay Colony





Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya