HIV – Jankari hi Bachao hai!

Think of AIDS, one thing that comes to mind is the social stigma and myths associated with it. Despite the efforts made by the government, the disease continues to spread and so does the social stigma and taboos for a person affected with the disease. The fear of being stigmatized prevents people from coming forward for testing, accessing condoms or insisting on safer sex, and disclosing their HIV status to sexual partners.  Some organizations are hesitant to provide accurate and accessible information about sexuality and sexually transmitted infections even today. While UNAID has formulated a strategy to end AIDS by 2030, India has a long way to go for not only eradicating it but also creating a positive change towards the disease and patients.


An emotional homecoming a reunion of the past and the present

It was the last day of October. Cool breeze was blowing, indicating the onset of winter. Twenty Alumni including Alumni of Deepalaya Children Home on their first Alumnie meeta girl came back to their alma mater for revisiting the good old days, the days of self-transformation and enlightenment. It was a proud moment for Mr. T K Mathew to see these children in an entirely different avtar. They were so meticulous about their appearance unlike the day when they were brought from the Okhla Mandi, railway stations and other places.

Dressed up for the first DCH alumni meet, their twinkling eyes reflected their achievements and





Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya