Killing two birds with one stone

A volunteer from Green Room talking with a child during the fun session.At times, things get too complex. In fact we complicate them despite the fact that they can be simpler. This is the way, The Green Room, an organization formed by young entrepreneurs, operates. Deepalaya has collaborated with the Green Room for conducting a few workshops with children at our learning centers located at Sanjay Colony, Bhalaswa, Haiderpur, Adrash Nagar and Wazirpur. The workshops are being conducted for two months with two workshops each in a week through a dedicated team of volunteers from different colleges. The workshops act as a training for the college students and a learning for the children as well. The project is named as “Project Aashayein” with an objective of providing holistic development of underprivileged kids by supplementing their routine curriculum with interactive activities and workshops to make them aware on different issues and equip them with a certain set of skills at the same time.

From a stressed world to a peaceful soul

After a long hectic day, one thing that comes to our mind is to reach home, fall down on the cozy couch, obtain some food and move towards bed. Unfortunately, that seems to be a distant dream. Work is merely one part of our life. Real life begins only after 7 in the evening, when your family awaits for those special moments. Unfortunately, things never go the way they should, resulting into strained relationships and several ailments like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid etc. Most of these diseases stay with you lifelong. Is there any solution to release the negative energy and be a free soul?





Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya