Standing Tall…

2013 and yet , in many parts of the country a woman is regarded asDeepalaya SHG, Standing Tall “the unsung heroine who works from dawn to dusk”. This is particularly so in the rural belt of North India. The men folk have been enjoying an undeserving yet unchallenged superiority over women. A woman is dynamic in the many roles she plays. Women face many social challenges today - whether it be moving out of the house to seek education or for an employment what to say of seeking a loan from a Bank/credit institution.

That woman are as and many a times


Setting an example for IPL

The IPL started off with the 1st wicket falling at the 1st ball -Example for IPL much on the same lines as 20-20 Match played on the IPL Eve, by the Deepalaya Cricket Team!

It was indeed a special day for Deepalaya students as they played the match with the students of the Uppingham School UK. It was indeed a friendly match but the excitement was not less than what the world witnesses at the IPL start. The Teams comprised of players in the age group of 15-18 years and was played at the Jamia Hamdard Ground, Delhi.

The Team had a mix of players from both the