Celebrating the Sports

Hand Ball - Deepalaya Sports Day*Education at Deepalaya is not only limited to the 3R’s. That is why, while on one side we celebrate more then 80% result in academics on the other we encourage our students to be healthy and take part in sports.

On 12th February 16, 2013 Deepalaya School Gole Kuan celebrated Annual Sports Day at the MCD Park at Okhla Phase 2. Ms. Shikha Pal inaugurated the Sports Day. The Day started at 10 o’ clock and continued with sports activities till

Medals with a "SPECIAL" Touch

Lalita, hearing impaired student from Deepalaya, returned from S. Korea with a Silver and Bronze medalsLalita, a hearing impaired student from Deepalaya has proved that the DISABLED (as the world calls her) are actually DIFFERENTLY ABLED.

Lalita recently returned from S. Korea with a Silver and Bronze medals dangling around her neck. She not only made Deepalaya but whole India proud by winning the medals in Giant Slalom and Super Giant Slalom (Alpine Skiing) respectively in the World Winter Olympic Games- 2013.

 Recently when her parents watched the movie Barfi in which Ranbir Kapoor played a deaf mute, they compared him with Lalita. When at a young age of 3, doctors proclaimed her DEAF; her parents kept her confined to the home. “Today she has not only stepped out of our home but has also gone beyond India”, says her mother, Malti.

Lalita’s family attributes this to Deepalaya Special Unit where she was enrolled a decade back. Lalita received speech therapy, special education and grew in confidence day by day. She was