Time for gold from Olympics

Time for Gold from Olympics“I went blank when the doctor told me that my eldest daughter cannot hear”, says Malti Devi.  Her husband cursed their Fate.

This was when Lalita was 3 years old.  Today, she is 20 and her mother can’t help smiling from ear to ear as she proudly announces to her neighbours “my daughter is going to foreign country in a plane to participate in sports”. 

Yes, South Korea is where Lalita is headed to compete in Alpine Skiing in the World Winter Games 2013.


Starting from Ground Up

Saturday, 22nd December marked an important occasion for the students of Deepalaya Gram, Gusethi as the foundation was deepalaya gram gusethi foundationlaid quite literally for the new Deepalaya School which will be compliant with the Haryana Education Act. This operation will be undertaken by Deepalaya with the expert help of Swiss organization Action for the Support of Deprived Children (ASED) and financial backers Cargil.
The project envisages construction of eight classrooms, one staff room, two blocks of modern toilets, provision of furniture and technical equipment, hiring of trainers for training of specific skills to girls and boys, and installation of a Computer Lab, Smart Classes and a 25 KV generator for alternate power supply at the school and will bring boundless joy to the