Unbent and unbroken – The underprivileged children of Deepalaya celebrate Republic Day.

26th January at Deepalaya School Gole Kuan was a sight to behold. The children came together with tri-colour Underprivileged children of Deepalaya School Gole Kuan celebrate Republic Dayflags in their hands and heads held high. Echoes of ‘sare jahan se accha hindustan hamara’ filled the building and one could feel the patriotism rise in the air. The event was organised by the teachers and the staff of the school to commemorate the 65th Republic Day of our country. Needless to say, it was a spectacle of vibrant colours and joyful spirits.

The children who mostly come from under privileged backgrounds were made aware of the relevance of the special day and were motivated to strive ahead in nation building. The day was

14 years of bringing literacy to Mewat.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the multi-storied offices and teaming malls of Gurgaon, lies Mewat, a small A dance show by the students of Deepalaya school, Gusbethidistrict in Haryana. A primarily agriculture based region with a literacy rate that is well below the national average, Mewat is not a place most people would call ‘urban’. Deepalaya was drawn to the region in 2000 by its startling gender bias and illiteracy rate, to help the local community, we initially set up a primary school, which was soon followed by a children’s home and a small hospital.

Today, the project that we began at the turn of the new millennium has completed 14 years and has successfully educated and hundreds children,




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya