Beyond Indo-Pak border

One advantage that our Alumni, who study in the US through our CCIP program, is an opportunity to build relationsSkype session on Indo-Pak peace is in progress at American Center, New Delhi with people from different corners of the world, including Pakistan. The US Embassy is carrying on this program in 12 countries. The students are asked to go through extensive interviews and written test before enrolling into the program.

After completion of their education in the US, the alumni are given an opportunity to meet also during different programmes organized by the US embassy.


Nitty-gritty of nutrition and balanced diet

National Nutrition week is an annual event, celebrated from 1st September to 7th September. Every year, the Nutrition Workshop held at Deepalaya Corporate Office. health department announces a theme for the program, under which different awareness sessions are conducted. This year the theme was “Better nutrition – key to development”.

The campaign was first started by the central government way back in 1982 to encourage good health by educating people about nutrition. Malnutrition posed a major hurdle to the country’s development. Despite earnest efforts from the government and civil society, the country is still to go a long way to eradicate malnutrition.





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