A day for the proud fathers

Father’s day was celebrated by FADA team at Sanjay Colony on 17th June, 2016. The main idea behind celebrating the day was to honour the fathers who have been associated with the program and are actively Girls from Deepalaya FADA program performing a classical dance of their father on Father's Day.supporting their daughter’s education under Father and Daughter Alliance. Also it provided an opportunity to the fathers to witness the talent that their daughters have and vice versa. The event started with a welcome song “Su Swagatam” presented by a group of FADA students in the presence of Mr. K.L. Malhotra, one of the regular donors of FADA, Mr. Abraham Chacko, Ms. Babita Joshi and other Deepalaya Staff including Special Unit and Vocational Training Center. Around 185 students and 52 parents from Y-block and Sanjay colony were present on the occasion.


Summer activities in full bloom

Girls from Saharanpur learning center learning sewing in their summer vacations.Come summer, our Deepalaya learning centers wear an entirely different look. The students, the teachers & volunteers have a different glow on their faces as they know it is time to have fun, enjoy and create something new. Yes, the summer hobby classes have started and so has our students’ tryst with fun. Here are a few snapshots from our FADA project students at Sanjay Colony.

Ganpati Kalava – wall hanging: 25 Students learnt to make Ganpati Kalava wall hanging using stones, sticks, crystal and Kalava.





Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya