A prize for priceless lessons learnt at Deepalaya

Learning is a continuous process and achievements testify the lessons that have been learnt. In view of this, twoMs. Jaswant, CRM Director Deepalaya with her idea at leadership workshop of American Express. of our senior employees – Jaswant Kaur, Director CRM and Mr. John Varghese – participated in a week-long leadership academy organised by the American Express. The main objective of the academy was to develop a second line of leadership amongst the NGOs. 25 leaders from 14 NGOs from different corners of the country participated in the academy.

It was a platform for not only providing new skills but also test the existing leadership qualities. In one of the activities, all the participants from different NGOs were asked to form a new organisation and present their cause before a panel of

From the heart of our sponsor parents

Most of us loved to participate in a fete during our childhood days – the charm of having new clothes, eating each and everything that is available at different stalls, pressing our parents to buy the toy of our choice,Girls from FADA unit patiently waiting for the program to start. enjoying the games and different sports. FADA project revived the dying concept of having a combined sports cum fete day on 25th November 2015. Around 210 girl children participated in the event. Major part of the expenses to organise the fete was sponsored by the social(sponsored) parents of the children. The platform also acted as a medium of interaction between the sponsored child and the parent.




Global CSR Excellence & Leadership award presented by ABP News to Deepalaya