Nurturing the Saplings!

Savere savere...yaaron se milke ban than ke nikle hum.. badal sa garje hum, sawan sa barse hum.. suraj sa chamke hum... school chale hum.. School chale hum.. The memories of getting up early in the morning to catch the School bus, the innocent chitchat with friends, the lush-green playgrounds and the feeling of freedom with the ringing of the School bell; The first stroll through Lala Bhagwan Das Memorial Deepalaya School (LBDMDS) brings out that very feeling of déjà vu.
Situated in the village of Titron in Uttar Pradesh, this School caters to 164 children providing them with elementary education. Coming from a rural background, the students are ecstatic to hold a pencil over a sickle! The increasing attendance percentage is a proof that the young ones of the School want to break through the rusted chains of anti-progressive customs and touch the horizons of success through the ladder of education. However, what unfolds is a tale of initiation, courage and persistence of Deepalaya with the partnership of B.M. Memorial Trust that has been able to take the shape of an optimistic future for the children of the School. The organization with its noble cause and door to door efforts of motivating the parents has been able to overcome the barriers of caste and class. A level of sensitization has germinated some teachers to stand up for the cause and be a part of the School. Working on Deepalaya’s child- centric approach, the School is proving to be a launch pad of dreams for the saplings of Titron, not only in academics but also in bringing out their latent talents. Send Feedback to By- Pooja Sikka (Officer- Media Coordination & Content Development) & Punya Srivastava (Content Developer)

Cheering the Spirit of Womanhood!

Sleek & Tender as an infant feather, Yet able to stand against any weather;

In her womb she can carry life,
Many roles she plays from mother to wife;

Her charming spirit gives meaning to a home,
In the outer world she also rules the official dome.
-by Shweta Dhaka
‘Behind every successful man there is a woman and behind every successful woman there lies diligent efforts.’ Given the opportunity, they excel in every field be it in sports, science, corporate to name a few. It is just a matter of getting the right opportunity. However, even in this 21st century there continues to be a large section of women, struggling with daily challenges of poverty, deprivation, unequal opportunities etc. Keeping this in mind, Deepalaya has been striving hard to change this state of affairs. The SHG programme has been working towards economic empowerment of women which in turn facilitates enhanced status of the women in their family and communities. Today, Deepalaya has over 693 SHGs in Delhi, Haryana and Uttarakhand. With women playing a leading role in the programme, it was but natural that the International Women’s Day was celebrated with great gusto and enthusiasm. Here is a glimpse on how this group celebrated the International Women's Day on 8th March,2010- Around 250 women participated in an awareness programme on Cervical Cancer & Diabetes. This interactive programme was organized on 8th March, 2010 by the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI). Ms. Shivani Mathur from PHFI made the women aware about the issues related to Cervical Cancer and Diabetes. It was completely an interactive session, where women both asked questions related to the issues and even shared their own experiences. Addressing the women, Mr. Bhola Ram, Programme Officer- Madanpur Khadar said, “Indian women are still 100 years behind time with the kind of discrimination she faces in her everyday life. This is time when all of you should become socially aware and take a stand for the betterment of your lives. This you can do by educating yourselves as well as your generations.” His words surely touched the souls of the women present there as some of them shared their own stories of discrimination. It was indeed a day dedicated for the women.
42 members SHG leaders from Haryana (Pataudi, Bawal, Sohna & Tavru) attended a six day training programme (7th-12th March, 2010) on Alcoholism and its management, Naturopathy and Water Management. This was part of a series of training organized under National Council of Rural Institute (NCRI) as part of the project on “Functional Literacy for 500 SHG members.” The SHG leaders would subsequently organize similar sessions at their respective villages and spread the knowledge.




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